What is Done in the Backend of UiPath Inside Monitor Events?

I think this is not a good question, but I am facing a problem and really don’t know how to get over or get around it.

Robot Description:
User-assisting robot (assist user to entry data to web-based app).

Problematic Behavior:
(Normal) Robot is monitoring Save Button using Monitor Events. When the Save Button is clicked, robot displays a message box “Data is entried” (inside Monitor Events’ event handler). And then once again message box “End of automation”. (just for debugging now).
(Weird) When web-app entry is error, web-app displays an another popup web page containing error list. But each time after the error list showed up and user clicked Save Button, the message box “Data is entried” is displayed instantly, but the "End of automation” message box is delayed for about 30 seconds (and sometimes more).

What I Think:

  1. Since the “Data is entried” showed up directly, there is no problem with recognizing elements.
  2. The problem seems when “getting out” of Monitor Events, may be on the backend UiPath is waiting for something?

Is there anyone who can suggest what is done backend in the Monitor Events so I can find the problem?

The flow is simply like:

Hi @whyyouandi,

I have attached my screen shot and the workkflow file as well and test HTML file.

Main.xaml (10.7 KB)
New Text Document.html (151 Bytes)

1.> As per Screen shot , Repeat Forever attribute is “True”

2.> That means as long as you keep clicking on the Save Button , it will display “Data is Entried”.

here the Monitor Event keeps checking if the save button is pressed or not for certain period of time , before it moves to next activity

3.> But if your requirement is to press Save Button only ONCE, then change the Repeat Forever attribute is “False” -> So, Soon as u click the save button ,the msg box “Data is Entried” will be displayed.

and Immediately after this the last msg box activity - End of Automation will be displayed .


Prashant Singh


Hello @prassin6, thank you for your kind opinion and HTML too.
It seems I didn’t state my question clearly.

The facts:

  1. The robot itself run perfectly everytime,
  2. Except: after web pop up showed up (data error alert)
  3. So, I think there is something in the web itself
  4. But not the selector, since “Data is entried” popped directly
  5. The problem is something else, but I can’t think of anything else.

If there’s any idea what to try, please kindly tell me.
Anyway, thank you for the response!

Hi @whyyouandi,

Could you please share (share it only if it doesn’t contain Sensitive Client Info) screen shot where the Web Pop Up shows “Data Error Alert”.

Please try to investigate whats causing such errors to populate.

Did u try to use IE 11 , is that the same case in IE as well.

Hello @prassin6, sadly no I cannot share the popup show due to sensitive info, but when I saw the source code it seems like there was just a simple HTML table and then a javasript to add the tr as much as the row (may be they pull out the data from database by Ajax or something), but nothing seems problematic.

And by the client’s limitation, the web app can only be run by IE they set up with. Will confirm the IE version next.

Hi @whyyouandi,

Thats right I am pretty sure they would using Ajax Request to post the data and get it from server and display it.
I had used this in multiple web application which had developed in past.

But Could you please try to figure out whats exactly is causing the pop up( pop up which displays Data Error Alert) to come up.
Or could you please give me an idea of what exactly the scenario is :slight_smile:

I m assuming that , there is a web site that u r accessing on IE(version that I am unaware of).
That web site is secured and there is an HTML form where the data needs to be entered.
That form may have various fields and its limitation of what kind of data may be entered .
Finally there is a save button that you r monitoring , if its clicked or not.
If yes, u display a msg - Data has been entered
If no - u let the BOT monitor continously if the Save button is clicked or not .

If the above scenario is correct, please try to understand , whats cauing the pop to come.

Does the pop up come when user does not put the right data in the various fields of web page ?

“DATA Error Alert” looks like an error message invoked by java script code .
for example :
there is a password field which can take numbers >8 & <15 and it must contain special charecters.

But when user types in the password , he forgets to mention the speacial charecters in his password,
that time when the javascript code is executed to check if the password meets required criteria , it will definitely display such error as " Data Error Alert "

Hello @prassin6. Thank you for you follow.

What exactly is causing the popup which causes error:
When they tried to entry data which has master and the master is not in the database, seems the system pops up a new web page listing the errors like: "Customer ID XXXX is not in the database (not the Javascript alert box itself).

It seems like after sending the data request by Ajax or something, they displayed the error alert. But the alert itself is displayed and even after the pop-up window is closed, the message box “Data is entried” shown (so no problem with Save button click recognition), the second message box “End of automation” takes about 30 secs to show up :open_mouth:

Seems awfully similar to this one (IE11, reported that popup message messing up timeouts):

Now that I read it it seems very similar.
Unfortunately the current possible solution found so far was to reinstall the Windows and we cannot easily reinstall the client’s device (anyway checked on a Win 7 and Win 10, both has the same problem). Will update anything found for the next investigation.

Hi @andrzej.kniola , @whyyouandi,

This msg box activity(3rd activity in sequence) which displays “End of Automation” , Takes 30 seconds :slight_smile:

Reason : As per my Screen shot above, Repeat Forever attribute is “True”- which is a normal behavior,as Monitor Event keeps checking if the save button is pressed or not for certain period of time , before it moves to next activity

if we change the Repeat Forever attribute to “False” -> So, Soon as some one clicks on the save button ,the msg box “Data is Entried” will be displayed and immediately after that “End of Automation” will be displayed.

As far as the error

is concerned - that’s because incorrect / irrelevant data is entered by the user.

So i feel the BOT is running fine with no behavioral issues what so ever :slight_smile:

Hello @prassin6 sorry for the late response, was out of the country for a while.

As for the mentioned above, in my real project I set the Repeat Forever Attribute to False. After that the "Data is Entried“ is displayed immediately, but the “End of Automation” took about 30 seconds after that. And this behavior (the “End of Automation” took about 30 seconds ) only happen if a user data error appeared before.

So I think it is something with the robot/activity. Sorry if I didn’t make it clear on that.

Can monitor events work in unattended mode?
If for a change in the excel cell, I want to trigger a flow. Can it happen in the VM running in unattended mode?