While monitoring User Events On Click robot doesn't see click on button if before that I clicked in another browser

My robot is monitoring click on button “Finish” in HTML form in Internet Explorer. After click it gets visible text from fields and validates whether they are filled correctly.
Everything is working correctly in IE however if during monitoring I click somewhere not inside IE but inside Chrome (this click is necessary) and then press “Finish” on form inside IE robot doesn’t see that. In the output panel in Studio it is still monitoring click on button and doesn’t go to the next activity.
When I run only this particular sequence there is no problem, but when I run whole robot this issue appears. This problem happens not every time but only from time to time.
Can anybody advise me how to make it work each time?

screen shot please

Here is screenshot of Monitoring sequence. Repeat Forever property is set as False.

I am not sure the reason behind this, but can suggest alternative provided post click the status of “Finish the interview” button changes, use while or do-while loop, continuously & check the status of the button. When the status changes, break the loop. Hope this works for you.