While Monitoring User Events On Click Element can't select option from HTML form

I’m building an attended robot. Robot is monitoring click on button “Finish” on html form and than Gets visible text from all form input fields. Form contains select input field and when user tries to select option from dropdown he can’t because web page freezes and IE stops responding.
I tried to do the same on other page with select input, I’ve got the same issue.
Can anybody suggest what to do with that?

The first thing that would come to my mind here would be the “Repeat Forever” property of the Monitor Events activity. This defaults to “true”, which could explain what you’re seeing.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, could you please provide a screenshot of the workflow or clarification regarding the order in which this process takes place?

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Thank you for the answer. The “Repeat Forever” property is set as false.
I can’t choose an option while monitoring events on other html page too. As an example I used registration page of UIPath Academy. https://academy.uipath.com/lms/. While robot is monitoring a click on button “Confirm” I can’t select other language from dropdown list because it freezes and when I click several times page stops responding. Please have a look at this example workflow.

Main.xaml (8.6 KB)

Has there been any further movement on this issue?

I am experiencing the same problem exactly. My drop downs work fine in Chrome but the selectors are not accurate and in IE the page freezes when selecting a drop down option. As soon as I stop the robot or delay it the web page behaves as expected.

To eliminate an issue with my web page I’ve also tried using the example attached above by irynaponayda with the same results.

This is causing a big problem - any thoughts?


This is a real issue in the software. For the time being, a quick fix / slash workaround I am using is to use a mouse trigger so that I am able to fill out my table, then right click to release the bot and carry on as normal with the original monitor events.

Obviously, this is not ideal and it has been raised with UiPath support.