Virtual Automation Bootcamp with StudioX - Forwarding Inventory Data

This Use Case was simple and included only a couple of Vendors. Imagine having to manually extract the data for 50 vendors, or 100! We’ll take a guess and say that this robot might save the Supply Planner an hour or two a month if the numbers were higher and if this task is recurrent.
How much time do you estimate you’ll save monthly if you automate some of your tasks?

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The automation only collects vendor data for one row. I am using the For Each Row, it looks just like the solution, but it does not go past the first row. Any hints?

Found the problem, was deleting the data on the wrong tab. Doh :slight_smile:

The only issue I had was with creating a template for the inventory list. I didn’t realize I needed to use a template due to the downloaded file. Everything else was good. Good exercise.

Even in downloading the pre built ‘Solution’ I found that the ‘wait for download’ would simply wait in the ‘Save As’ screen, and would not progress further.
I could only over come this in my own build by use of ‘click’ ing on the Save button.
Seemed odd. anyone else?

I have 2 questions:

  1. Why do we need a Template file?
  2. Why create an inventory folder at Design Time and not at Run Time?

Looking forward to clarifications.


I did this exercise, but after i clicked the “Save” button, the program got stuck for over a minute before doing the Click Vendor >> Vendor Inventory step. Any idea why it gets stuck on this step? Hints on this one >> The Data Extraction exercise in a previous step showed us to get data one-by one, but if you clicked on references, you could click on the title of “Supplier code” and the tool gets the entire table.

I also had to add “clear sheet” option to the beginning of the for each row b/c the data was appending and I added a delay 5 seconds before the table extraction b/c I noticed bad data being entered into the CSV file. Appending the vendor code to the CSV was helpful in troubleshooting too.

I did this exercise relatively quick. The only thing that I struggled was the send email piece where I wanted to send all csv files from a folder with other format files. I looked the solution after several tests and noticed that there is a dedicated folder for csv so all files from that folder are attached to the e-mail.
My doubt is how i can attach only specific files from a folder. In this case all csv files

I receive this error at Select Item ‘Vendor Code’.

“Select Item ‘Vendor Code’ (N Select Item) failed:
Value does not fall within the expected range.”

Strange thing is that the automation managed to export the CSV file for all vendors, but keeps coming back to this error before it goes into the emailing stage.

Any help?

Hi, I experienced same error. Did you find out why? Thanks for your help :slight_smile: