Solve a Supply Industry Use Case

This Use Case was simple and included only a couple of Vendors. Imagine having to manually extract the data for 50 vendors, or 100! We’ll take a guess and say that this robot might save the Supply Planner an hour or two a month if the numbers were higher and if this task is recurrent.
How much time do you estimate you’ll save monthly if you automate some of your tasks?

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Hi Can someone please help me with the export file step as i can not get it at all, can someone please do a zoom call. Thank you

Hi Chloe,

I just added a 5 second delay after click to download and then added a move file from Downloads folder to the Project Folder. Hope this helps!


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Hi and did you create that project folder on your desktop before hand, thank you

Project folder will be create automatically once you create and save current project.

Whew, that was a long one. I didn’t get the delete files part (and kind of still don’t), but referred to it on the Solution. It works though, so not complaining… came back undeliverable, so I delivered the email to myself… it worked! yay!

well this took a little while, and I do not know if this is what you are looking for but here is what I did

Export to CSV

Nice exercise, straight forward and satisfying, but seems like Mr Barnes is no longer working for UIPath as my mails to him get rejected. A shame… :slight_smile:

This was a long one, but I also added a few extras i think makes it more flexible:

  • Check if the vendor list file already exists and delete it if it does before it downloads the new file (thinking that the amount of vendors could change)
  • Create a new folder for each day where to save the CVS files (check if exists)
  • Zip the files and send as a single attachement (I couldn’t figure out how to add multiple files tbh)

Really fun, looking forward to the next one.

Hello everyone, everything good? In my first “Forwarding Inventory Data” challenge when entering the name of the CSV file the date appears the day and month, but the year does not appear. Do you have any tips?

I solved this by opening the notebook XLS and then adapting the time format to my country/languaje.

Hope this helps!