Milestone 3 - Understand what you can automate

It’s not natural to think of tasks so granular, but it’s important to understand how robots process them. An important tool here is a pen and a paper.

Do you find it helps? What other situations require defining steps at such a small level? And, if possible, would you automate them?

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Did i have to create a robot path for this stage as i only created a manual path

“In the archive below, you can find the Excel file you’ll extract the data from and the Robot Path as a PDF file.”

So, no, the robot path is available for download as a pdf, nested in the zip archive.

I was happy that I created a robot path that worked on my own. I’m looking forward to learning more.

I am happy that this is so easy so far


so far so good

This statement here is very crucial To pass data from the Excel file into the website you will have to nest the resources one inside of the other

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Looking forward to expanding on the work done here

This was very usefull and a real life scenario. Looking forward to enhance the skill sets .-)

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Are all of the rows supposed to be added? Am only getting my first row (Row 2) added. Am not getting row 3 and 4 added. Is there a command or activity function that allows for the other rows to be added?

Hello @garnet.ashton ,

You can use ‘for each excel row’ activity to iterate through each row in excel.
Make sure to put all your actions that are using excel data inside the scope of ‘for each excel row’

refer this video:


So far so good. Thank you for the insights.

Hi Nidhi

This was awesome - thank you very much - very helpful


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How can I prevent Chrome from closing after the save action? I would like to see if it actually adds the row.

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This is easy and fun to do good detailing on the Human Path and Robot Path.

This will help in designing PDD and SDD and give clear understanding to Clients about automation and detail information RPA team.

No me ha funcionado y lo tenia de esta mismo forma, nose que esta sucediendo, estoy atascado con este ejemplo


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Asi lo hice sin usar siquiera el ultimo campo de seleccionar la la industria

Yes, worked fine for me.

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