Virtual Automation Bootcamp with StudioX - Forwarding Inventory Data

same here ,the same question in my mind why I need template file?
UiPath Academy instructor should be more precise .

This seems so simple but gave me trouble anyway :sweat_smile: Ran into problems with downloaded Excel file opens up in browser, so went the long way and downloaded by right-click on “Download Vendor List”. Also wanted to directly go to URL<VendorCode> but the Go To URL activity would not run inside a For Each Excel Row activity without being nested inside one more Use Browser resource.

Interesting practice - ran into trouble trying to download and move the download Inventory List file to working folder. – It doesn’t move upon download despite the configuration in UiPath. Ended up indicating to watch the Downloads folder, followed by moving the downloaded file.

The other part was the click Inventory button. On my end, it didn’t work as the button was obscured by the drop down list. Used a select from drop down list to overcome this.

Lastly was the deletion of data. I used delete sheet. On hindsight, solution would be more elegant using delete all visible rows.

Hi, I was able to ptactice the challenge but not able to change the separator from coma to semicolone in the Export to CSV activity??
any ideas?