Excel Automation with StudioX - Books Sales Report

Excel is a widely used Microsoft software. For example, it is used for billing, data management, analysis, inventory, finance, business tasks, complex calculations, just to name a few as the list can surely go on.

Are you eager to get rid of those strenuous and time-consuming operations involving data manipulation in Excel? What tasks will you automate and in what situations will data extraction become handy?

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Problem here getting Excel issue or format problem

From the start this is the exercise where I had the most difficulty. First step of data recovery ?? then formula problem, in France the decimal separator is the comma and in other countries it is the point. I understood that the decimal separator in UiPath is the point. After other worries, I treated only the first 100 pounds, suddenly the formula for calculating the total of the solution does not work. We must add an IF before to see if we have recovered the price. Now everything works, but not easy.

On the other hand, I have problems with Excel formulas which are not interpreted in Excel, I have to do F2 then Enter for them to be taken into account. Any idea on this problem ??


When I am extracting the data, only 100 lines are generated - does anyone know why? I tried a few times but it stops at 100 books. Thanks!

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Thanks! I figured it out eventually :slight_smile:

data extraction error. How can I solve this error


Seems like you need to install the Chrome Extension to let UiPath navigate Google Chrome.

You should be able to do that by going to Home -> Tools.

If that doesn’t fix it try checking the solution here:

I encountered several entries in the solution file that had an error when StudioX prompted the vlookup function since those books where not in the Data Extraction list that came with the file.