Virtual Automation Bootcamp with StudioX - The Reconciliation of Two Reports

This automation has given you a glimpse into a Finance and Accounting related automation. Regardless of working or not in the field, you might need to manipulate or compile data for various reasons: reporting, budgeting, invoicing, data analysis, these only being some examples.

Would you consider automating such tasks? Think of a use case of your own, would automation help you complete it faster?

For any technical question , please create a new topic in the StudioX category here .

Hello @Bianca.Dragu I have automated this process for finance company.
It saves their times as they took 8-10 hrs to to complete 1 week reconciliation and after automation our robot did it in 15 min(For a month it takes 25-30min).


That is a very cool example! Thank you for sharing :smiley:

Did you use the exercise template ?

Nice experience you had

Our process is shown by Eudureka for example :blush:

As French, I took a different solution for the month selection because with a French Excel the names of the months are in French and not in English as in the example.
So my solution is more international :wink:

i made a two column table, in the Scratchpad sheet with the month nr on the first column and the month name in english in the second, then a simple vlookup finds me the correct month name.

Pleasant exercise to do

Had similar experience with a Swedish Excel installed…

But there is a solution:
=TEXT(A1*29; "[$-0809]MMMM")
Where “$-0809” is the languageID for english.

A challenging exercise, sometimes frustrating but I guess it comes with the territory, but overall I had fun putting it together, iterate it, and running it.

Pretty straight forward. However, I still do not understand the activity in which I file becomes a template. Each time I try to create the template, it does not work. I keep the file in its original state and it works. I need more understanding.

This was challenging and took more than a few hours. I was having a hard time converting the reconciliation file to text. Somewhat frustrating.