Virtual Automation Bootcamp with StudioX - Handling Patient Information

In this Use Case, you combined quite a lot of automation techniques:

  • You used data extraction to extract URLs, and then you had the robot download multiple files.
  • You used data from the downloaded files to populate a Word template that you later used in an email body.
  • You used data from a downloaded file to populate the fields of an app.
  • You used a wildcard to replace a set of characters from an URL.

How useful did you find these practices, and what will you use in your own task automation projects?

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I was able to build the first task but was unable to test it as I get a 404 on the xlsx file links. I instead compared what I had built against the solution and was pretty much identical.

The second task was more successful as the CSV was available.

All in a great set of activities. Really validated what I have been learning so far.

I was able to set the workflow up correctly but after the first iteration of typing into each of the form fields I received an error that states that all fields need to be filled in before pressing the “Save Details”. If I press “OK” on the error the automation continues as normal but then I get the error again. I was using Chrome as my browser and am assuming this is a glitch of some sort.

Same here.solution provided in the course is not working…Can anyone help?


Yes, I am getting the same error at the time of submit. if we force click on the OK, the program starts to process the next record, however i am afraid the previous record was never saved or submitted ( as in the case of all the records which populates this error).

Looked at the page source and it seems some validation is happening but not sure what exactly - as in the screenshot below


Solution provided too results in the same issue.

Any workaround or help on this is much appreciated.


I had the same issue with the current record not being fully submitted before the next record began to populate. I tried a few things. What eventually worked for me was to use a Tab and Enter Keyboard Shortcut from the last field instead of the Click to submit the record. I also added a 2 second Delay for good measure.

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For the 2nd task, I added a 2 second delay as well at the start of the loop, but somehow still got caught off guard by one of the data not entering before the next one being entered. Perhaps there’s a better way but I was thinking of adding a delay on each step, some milliseconds.

Same here. I have to added 5s delay to avoid the error of not all info being filled or can’t find the Social number. I moved the report file from download folder to project folder to make it clean.