Validate the checked/unchecked in browser

How to validate if the 1st Procurement Data Steward option is checked or 2nd Procurement Data Steward option is checked

Table extract is not providing checked or unchecked status

Please suggest the best way to validate?


Please indicate both the elements the check and uncheck elment…and try to find the difference in the selector for both in the right top panel or the left bottom panel of the ui explorer…and use that property using get attribute to check what value it is and decide if it is check or unchecked

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HI @Sathish_Kumar_S

You can use the “Get Attribute” activity to retrieve the “checked” attribute of the checkbox element and check its value. A value of “True” typically indicates that the option is checked.

you can target to the 1st Procurement Data Steward option if it check it will give the true or else false

  • Take if activity and pass the variable of “Get Attribute” activity

Looks like it is not check box to validate whether it is checked or not

hi @Sathish_Kumar_S

i Have taken the sample you can try this way

note : boolChecked variable type is Boolean


If it is a direct check box i would have given you to check on checked property…as from
The wcreenshot it is evident that it is not a check box…that is the reason gave a way to find the difference in any other properties…

If nothing is different then it is differentiated with css properties and then we need to use invoke javscript to get those properties and use…instead first check if there are any differneces here…may be in class…or any other properties in given windows above



—use a GET ATTRIBUTE activity and indicate that radio button as a element and choose Checked attribute or it can any attribute (it depends on the application, it can be state, innerText, boolean) with this it’s value

For more info on this scenario

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Here is the selector of the both 1st and 2nd

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I could find the difference only with ParentClass atttibute where it contains the value as in progress for checked and pending type for unchecked

So u can the same as attribute value to validate it there is no other difference found in attribute level

Cheers @Sathish_Kumar_S