Validating check box for desktop application

Hi Team,

Can anyone suggest quick solution for below query?

I need to validate the check box (whether it is checked/unchecked) in the desktop application…we have used get attribute value but it’s not stable

please suggest some solution ASAP.

Praveen Kumar M

HI @praveenchintu374

After validating what you need to do ? Can you tell about you task?

If you need to check the box if unchecked and uncheck the box that is checked you can simply use Check activity which is in UiPath.uiautomation.activities

For eg lets say you need check a field called “name”
you just use check activity and indicate on that check box and select the action as “Check”

It will check the checkbox name if the box is unchecked if it is checked it will do nothing to that box name.

Same way for uncheck if it is checked it will uncheck if not leave as it is.

Reference documentation about check

Hope This Helps!


Thanks sudharsan for your response…but i need to validate whether it is checked or unchecked …after validating we should get boolean result…so that we will be having some process if its checked and other process if its unchecked


Okay @praveenchintu374

What happens when you use get attribute?


We are not getting the check / uncheck option in the dropdown

Can you open the selector of get attribute and see through the other attributes that are changing when checked and unchecked and use that attribute in the get attribute. @praveenchintu374

I’ll check and let you know the output

Hello @praveenchintu374 ,

Perhaps one alternative would be to take advantage of the Check App State activity (link: )

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