How to find whether radio button or check box is clicked or not?


I have an web exercise , in which i have to perform the process based on the value of an check box(checked/unchecked). can anyone please help me with this?


Hey @ranjith

You can use “Get Attribute” Activity with “checked” Attribute selection.



HI Aksh- I have similar problem with Get attribute for check box, I tried using the activity in Chrome it is failing. where as same get attribute activity with checked is working fine in IE. I have enabled Chrome extension and other activities are working fine in chrome except for check box. Is there any thing we need to enable to get the value?


Hey @gvs

Well what kind of error you are getting?. well with chrome also it works well. Check with other sample sites its working or not because i don’t think So it is an issue with chrome and all . Can you share that link if possible or something that will lead to make an assumption.



It looks like when I use the attribute “Checked” it gave an error stating-
HRESULT E_FAIL Has been returned from a call to a com component.

Exception Type : ElementOperation eception

I tried using Uiexplorer to check the attribute- it is not displaying the attribute in the property panel. Where as the same case with IE as well… The property panel doesnt show the attribute in Uiexplorer but it was able to get the attribute value in Uipath when ran in IE.

I tried comparing the HTML source from both Chrome and IE pages . No difference. It looks very odd … I am able to see the other attributes like Inner text, AANAME… in chrome and IE. Only check box is not working in Chrome where as in IE it works fine.


Hey Aksh- Have figured the issue with Chrome. The attribute in the application has hidden fields in the HTML script- which has been inspected and used in the selector along with different attribute(value) to get the value.


Hey @gvs

Sounds good :slight_smile:
well i dont know about others but for me chrome does not work well. i wants to indicate something it takes something else so i always prefer IE. After all it is most supported with windows :slight_smile:

Keep learning and keep going by hit and trial … always you will get something from there :slight_smile: @gvs





Hi Aksh,
How do i get Checked attribute in Get attribute activity? Can you help