How to confirm check box or radio button has been selected

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Having problems choosing the check boxes/radio buttons shown in this screenshot, found here

When using a check activity, I get the ‘Attribute not supported by the current UiNode’ message. That’s been covered here Attribute not supported by the current UiNode and I have solved the issue of selecting the relevant boxes/radio button by using click activities.

I’m stuck on trying to find unique attributes to verify if they have been un/selected. I’ve tried looking in UI explorer and working with colleagues and none of us can find a solution.

I’d be really grateful if anybody can try solve how to verify selections made. My first work project I strongly suspect will involve menus from websites built like this one.

Thanks all

We can use get attribute activity
With which we can check for the attribute checked

Cheers @jordrowley

@Palaniyappan, cool thank you, that’s what we were thinking and that has worked in the end (for the checked boxes) but we had to really play around with the selectors in UI explorer. I’d recommend trying it if you get time, it was ‘good fun’ trying to find the selectors to use! Just working on the radio buttons now :slight_smile:

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yes of course
selectors will work for sure @jordrowley
but taking right node with attributes matters, that can be checked only when we are with the system and portal we are working on
as we are not in that zone, suggested to go for Get Attributes

Cheers @jordrowley

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@jordrowley Its a bit weird, but looks like that’s how the UI is being designed. If you look for the elements around this radio button you will find the hidden element which gives you the attribute ‘checked’ having the value as 0 or 1 depending on your selection of the radio button.

Rammohan B.

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@Rammohan91 - thank you, glad someone else found it a bit weird too :slight_smile: Definitely taught me a lot around working with the UI explorer and using the inspect element function to get what you need.

Thanks for the reply,

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