Radio button is checked or not

Hi all,I want to check whether a radio button is checked or not for a particular column ,which activity is better,as I need to check the column name even and take decision

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—use a GET ATTRIBUTE activity and indicate that radio button as a element and choose Checked attribute with this it’s value

For more info on this scenario

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You can use the same get attribute activity to validate the column name with attribute aaname or innertext or text

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Inspect the element using UIExplorer and check which tag is having the information of Checked or not checked

Use Get Attribute and select the tag, so that you get the same info

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Were we able to validate this whether it is checked or not

For the column name it is saying not able to find ui element,I have used get Element to check for aaname

May I know where this radio button is checked
Is it in a web or any other application
Try use a simple image exists activity
Where select the region of radio button along with the text nearby either in checked or unchecked mode
It will give a Boolean variable with True or False based on which we can proceed further


For example:column Name:ABC

                                          Here I have radio button

It’s in excel ah
Then use image exists

No it’s in a web application

Did we try with element exists activity with the radio checked

Make sure that the selector is having the atttibute checked as true or yes

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First I am checking for column name then if it’ exists then I am checking wtr it’s checked or not ,getting error in column name itself