Unable to open and work on Taxonomy Manager

Hello, I am attempting to extract text data from receipts inline with the instructions at: Extracting data from receipts (uipath.com). Here, when I am attempting to create a Taxonomy Manager, a separate window opens wherein I am unable to type and create a new group. Please recommend a workaround for this. I am on the latest version 2022.10 of studio and have met all hardware and software requirements. Please advise.

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Hi this is a known issue in the DU 2022.10 process, please refer :

Also Regarding the Taxonomy Manager issue, if you have it, roll back to 22.10.1 - it’s an issue with Studio and a fix is actively being worked on. And you need to have .net5 / 6 installed.

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Here are a few possible reasons and solutions that may help resolve the issue:

  1. Permissions issue: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to create a new group in Taxonomy Manager. If you are working on a shared computer, check with the administrator to ensure that you have the correct permissions.
  2. System incompatibility: Make sure that your version of UiPath is compatible with your operating system. If you are using an older version of UiPath, try upgrading to the latest version to see if that resolves the issue.
  3. Corrupted installation: If you are still unable to create a new group in Taxonomy Manager, it’s possible that the installation of UiPath Studio is corrupted. Try reinstalling the software and see if that resolves the issue.
  4. Browser restriction: Taxonomy Manager uses the default browser to open, if you are working behind a proxy or if your browser has some restriction, this might be the cause of the issue. Try accessing the Taxonomy Manager in an incognito window or in a different browser.

If none of the above solutions work, I recommend reaching out to UiPath Support for further assistance. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and provide a resolution.