Error when trying to open the taxonomy manager

Hi team, I try to use the Document Understanding Process and when opening the taxonomy manager I get an error message saying “Communication between UiPath Studio and the Taxonomy Manager ended unexpectedly”. I checked other solutions and nothing helps. Any ideas?

Hi @Nathan_Goel

Please downgrade the package UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities to the version 6.5.3. This should help you.


Thanks for the kick answer, I tried that already and yes it does fix the taxonomy manager issue but now there are plenty of new issues from other packages…doesn’t sound right to start downgrading packages like that. Isn’t that a bug that should be addressed by UiPath r&d?

Hi @Nathan_Goel ,

Could you let us know the Dependency package versions originally used ? Could you provide us with the Screenshot of the Dependency and its versions ?

Yes, you are right in that case. @Nathan_Goel We can report this to UiPath to check.


Sure, it 6.14.1

Or try contacting UiPath technical support @Nathan_Goel


Are you using the latest version for the DU Process? 23.10.1? If so, do you have the .net5/6 sdks installed? If not, it might be because of that.