Taxonomy Manager Blank


I recently downloaded the packages to test the Receipt and Invoice AI functionality but whenever I try to use the Taxonomy Manager it comes up blank. To close the application I have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete then the message “Communication between UiPat Studio and the Taxonomy Manager ended unexpectedly” appears. I am using the Community Version of UiPath.

Could someone please help me fix this issue? I would truly appreciate it.

Hi @shauny
Maybe you need to elaborate your issue try to put some screenshot or your xaml files to easily adress the. Issue thanks

Happy learning

Sure, I have attached the Taxonomy Manager blank page error. I am testing the receipt and invoice AI so there is no xaml file to attach as I got stuck at the Taxonomy Manager set up.

Hope that helps.


Any solution ?

Guys we also facing the same issue but if you open studio via admin rights it’s working but Non-admin account it’s not working.

Any buddy please provide the solution for this case.

It was a security issue on my end so I had the IT dept. perform the necessary firewall updates.

Has the firewall updates changes working fine ?

Hi Uipath Team,

Can you please help this issue.

Hello all,

Any chance you could share:

  • a full project
  • Studio version
  • Windows version
  • user account settings and permissions
    as we would like to see if we can reproduce it.

Also, can you reproduce this issue on a different computer?

Can you also try to open this project here How to use the IntelligentOCR Package and see if it works?

Check this package: image It is responsible for this issue.

Hi @shauncy what kind of firewall updates do we need to perform?
Running into same issue on my side.

Here are the steps we took. Hopefully it helps you:

  • Run program and record time of failure
  • Open event viewer:
    • Command prompt → eventvwr → enter
  • Browse to Applications and Services\Microsoft\Windows\AppLocker\EXE and DLL
  • Locate a red error with the timestamp around the time when it failed to launch. This will identify what’s been blocked.
  • Copy the filepath in the general section - should be an .exe program which is the problematic file
  • Send to IT Dept to add to action from their side
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Hello everyone, I have the exact same problem on the “DELL inspiron 7506 2n1” while it works on the Microsoft pro surface. I need to fix this problem on my Dell. Does anyone see a solution to this.
Thank you in advance.

I’m having the same issue on a Dell Latitude 7420.

Windows 10 Pro v 20H2
Studio Pro 2021.4.3

Project is the DocumentUnderstandingFrameworkTemplate from the zip package.
Running as Admin didn’t work. No entries in the mentioned EventViewer path.

I upgraded the packages from the default template to get UiPath.CefSharpBundle from 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 - no luck.

Package works fine on a co-workers laptop. The project also works fine on my personal desktop.

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Hi - I’m having the same issue on the same laptop as rridlen1. For Taxonomy Manager and Template Manager, the change only loads if I chance screen size. The dynamic area section for Template Manager does not work at all. Any ideas?

i am having same problem with my hp laptop
when i open taxonomy manager it open with blank screen
and when i maximize i can see all elements but cant edit any field
didnt find sloution anywhere

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I have same issue Taxonomy manager opens blank .If maximized the screen then the screen shows with all fields and again if clicking some fields for expanding it shows only after minimizing it.

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This issue is happening for Enterprise Edition Studio 2020.10.4 . But working fine in community edition.

Having same issue - Taxanomy is blank and not working in DELL & HP 14 inch touch screen laptops -

Temporary Fix - If you want still this to work, just change the size of “Taxanomy manager” and keep performing your steps [it looks that you are not able to write and click but when you change the size your committed operation will performed]but what you need you have to change size after every steps you performed.

*** UI Path please resolve this ***


@Monica_Secelean - Hi, could you take a look at this?