UiPath Programming Languages Integrations Scenarios

The UiPath RPA platform offers many possibilities to realize automation workflows. One aspect is the integration of existing programs created with different programming languages. In this post I would like to pick out exactly this perspective. A kind of backward view of which programming languages can be used seamlessly with UiPath.

The Programming Languages

For the arrangement of the programming languages I followed the current Tiobe index from April 2022 and PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language from April 2022.

I was able to identify ten different programming languages. Three of them offer a specific version, which I have assigned to the parent category.

Tiobe PYPL Name Description Package Use Windows x86
Windows x64 Cross-platform
1 1 Python Link UiPath.Python.Activities App Invoker > Python > Python Scope X O O O
    IronPython Link DynamicLanguageRuntime
IronPython Standard Library
Workflow > Invoke > Invoke Code X
3 2 Java Link UiPath.Java.Activities App Invoker > Java > Java Scope X O O O
    JShell Link JShell.Activities App Invoker > Java > Invoke Jshell File X
5 4 C# Link UiPath.System.Activities Workflow > Invoke > Invoke Code X X X X
6 21 VB.NET Link UiPath.System.Activities Workflow > Invoke > Invoke Code X X X X
8 N/A Assembler Link App Invoker > Assembler > Compile ASM File X X O -
33 N/A VBScript Link UiPath.System.Activities System > VBScript > Invoke VBScript X X - -
40 N/A PowerShell Link UiPath.System.Activities System > PowerShell > Invoke PowerShell X X
Link UiPath.System.Activities Workflow > Invoke > Invoke Code X X X X
44 20 ABAP Link ABAP.Runner.Activities Programming > SAP > ABAP Install And Run X X
N/A 16 VBA Link UiPath.Excel.Activities App Integration > Excel > Processing > Invoke VBA X
N/A N/A AutoIt Link AutoIt.Actvities Workflow > Invoke > Invoke Code X - -
X = Available, O = Should be possible, - = Not available

Of the first ten programming languages listed in the Tiobe Index, five can be found in the UiPath palette, and from PopularitY of Programming Languages three. With this range, many existing approaches can certainly be integrated seamlessly into a UiPath automation workflow.

Addendum 02.01.2022: Cross-reference to a technical consideration at the difference between C# and VBdotNET.