Invoke Code Activity do not work in Studio 22.10 in Cross-Platform Compatibility Mode

This morning I tried the UiPath Studio release 22.10.0-beta.10400 and I want to test coding in the Cross-platform compatibility mode, but I doesn’t work. To have a comparison, I first tried that in Windows compatibility mode.

Windows Compatibility Mode




Cross-platform Compatibility Mode




I see that the Invoke Code activity is available, but it does not work. It is the same with the Python activity. It seems that cross-platform development is not as much of a focus now, but in my opinion it will come into with the breaking change to dotNET 5.

Hello. Have you tried with?:

System.Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”)

Maybe the default method requires explicit calling objects Methods.
I mean, in Visual Basic it is an Option Explicit setting.
If this is used, you must call the all objects class hierarchy.
Or when you declare an object must be provided the full name.
The static Console object can be preceded by the parent System.
Sometimes it works in both ways implicitly and explicitly.
But some declarations for some objects must be fully qualified.
I don’t know sure, because I have an older Studio X version.
Hope it helps, Adrian

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Thank you very much for your reply @Adrian_Brinas, but unfortunately it makes no difference.

Hello. Please see the following link:

UIPath Community 2022.4 Stable Release…

It says, that it must be installed a Docker, but I think this is more for Linux only.

Hello @Adrian_Brinas,
thanks for your reply but I my opinion is the using of Docker independently from a Cross-platform compatibility mode development. With the Cross-platform compatibility mode you use net6.0 instead of net6.0-windows7.0 as target platform. The target platform net6.0 can be used on all target platforms Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
Best regards

Hi @StefanSchnell

@alexandru will know more about it in terms of specific timeline and plans, but it is for sure already on the roadmap.

There were indeed a few blind spots that the team is working on and it comes down to fixing the view model of those activities for the cross-platform projects.

Having said so, I did send your report to our issues tracker to not miss it.

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Just to come back to this issue for a second - could you please retest on the latest System 22.10.3 package version?

I gave it a go and it at least works now with your example (on both Studio Desktop and Studio Web)


Hello Maciej,
thank you very much for your reply, yes it is working now. :slight_smile:

Three questions in this context:

  1. How did you manage to open a multi-line input field for the code?

  2. In the properties of the invoke code activity is it possible to open “Advanced options”.
    Where can I find these options? Nothing happens when I select the link.

  3. Are there any plans to use the code editor for desgining cross-platform workflows in the future?

Thanks and best regards

Simply by pressing enter a few times.

I don’t think there are any. This is a generic Studio message for activities with what we call a ViewModel on cross-platform which do have an advanced section. The activity itself is supposed to convey all possible options without the properties panel to make it compatibile with Studio Web.

We are evaluating all the options. The basic focus of Studio Web continues to be citizen developers driven, but we do understand that RPA Developers are also using the cross platform mode on Studio Desktop.

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Thank you very much Maciej. :slightly_smiling_face: