Language used in UIPath

I see a lot of people using some language in UIPath for their excel manipulations

Could someone tell me which language is used in UIPath for excel manipulations

It would be great if there is an easier approach to all the work without using the language too. Is there someone who can tell me using approach other than the language in the UIPath for the excel manipulation

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Hey @Author_Community

Mostly the Excel manipulations are done using the UiPath native built-in activities by means of a drap drop with minimal code.

But in some exceptional scenarios we may need to write some custom code which may include VB.NET, C#, VBA etc.

Hope that helps.


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Basically UiPath is a No code -low code RPA tool. So for almost all the process UiPath is providing the Activities which doesn’t need coding. But if you need to do some action using code you can write it in VB or in C#. Also you can invoke python, powershell etc.

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You can get more details from Academy course and you can check Excel Automation in the RPA Developer course to get knowledge on the activities available in UiPath

if you want to extend by using the code then you have Invoke Code activity where you can write your code

Also you can use VBA or python

Hope this may help you


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