Choosing Programming language to get into the RPA world

I’m new to the RPA world , I’M wondering if we’ll be writing some programs using programming languages like Java/Python/c#, or if we’ll stick with the drag-and-drop interface in UiPath during our training. I’m good in Java and would like to get a head start if Java/python/c# is part of our learning


If you’re already proficient in Java or Python, you can leverage those skills in combination with UiPath to create more powerful and flexible automation solutions when needed. It’s a valuable skill set that can make you a more versatile and effective RPA developer.

Mainly based on .Net, sql, c#

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Check out the video link for Intergating JAVA


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Thank you. I appreciate the response

UiPath is based on .NET, so proficiency in C# / VB.NET will help you the most.

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