Bookmark of Bookmarksss… Let’s cherish 2021

Hi All,

Hope everyone is eagerly waiting for the new years eve.

It’s very obvious that one wouldn’t have got a chance to go through every topic in our forum.

It would be exciting for a forum member to go through a topic that has been interesting for many.

So Let’s start our journey for 2022, by sharing some of our favourite topics, post, bookmarks made during this year or previous years, in our forum.

To start with, here’s the link to my favourites

1. Basic for any new user

2. Next step for a RPA developer

3. Now let’s take it advanced

And there are many to share like such

Happy new year :partying_face:

Cheers @loginerror @Community_Moderators @advanced @orchestrator


My picks with no specific order:

Let SQL dispatch!

@KanadMehta for is very easy and powerful way to avoid using a dispatcher process. Since the source code is open, it was refershing to see how one can avoid using a dispatcher process when the data already exists in SQL.
Tutorial: Call UiPath Orchestrator API from SQL Server

Get that name!

@Yoichi for his gem of a find, which can return the workflow name when an exception occurs from the catch block.
How to get the workflow name in catch block for unknown execption

What the splunk!

@codemonkee for his well crafted splunk query to slice and dice the robot execution time and moreover visualization the returned time-series.
Manage/Review/Export All Job Triggers from Orchestrator

Convert a dictionary

@Yoichi again for his help and personal guidance in converting a dictionary. This was a life saver when we had to repopulate failed items to a new queue after modifying the specific content from the failed item. I read it this year, the post is from 2020.
Change Dictionary type from <of String, String> to <of String, Object>

Myth busted

@postwick for his excellent test to show once in for all that UiPath standard activties can match performance of linq expression. The forum continues to get questions like “modify abc without looping”, which we need to address collectively. All approaches use interations. Kudos to @ppr for contributing to this thread without any biases.
There is no need to try to avoid For Each loops on large amounts of data

Collect those solutions

@Palaniyappan for collecting many solutions for manipulating datatables, which he has provided through the years in a single post.
All about Datatable

Unit test template

@StefanSchnell a tutorial where he demonstrates how unit tests can be built up in UiPath.
An Approach how to Implement Unit Tests in UiPath

File system API

@ppr for collection of methods which demonstrate how to use the file system API
[CheatSheet] - Filesystem APIs

Thanks to many more forum members who have contributed to the forum this year.
Wish you all a safe and meaningfully year ahead. Stay healthy.