Execution of Automation Scripts from UI-Path

I was always wondering which programming language is used by UI-Path to execute the commands on windows. Is UiPath generating multiple scripts in multiple languages to run automation on windows?

In which language is Ui-Path written as a software?

Hi @froh_do

Basically in uipath it does support c#,vb.net java and as well as python too

But as you mention related to windows we can generate scripts with send hot key activity



UIPath uses an proprietary visual languge. In addition it supports the VB.NET language.
However, recently they also introduced the ability to code using C#. You can also create our own custom activities in visual studio and create nugget package of it and you can import it in uipath studio as activity.
You can also invoke batch script and powershell script in uipath through activities.

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Hi @froh_do

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UiPath runs on dot net framework under which it used two languages for development
C# and VB Net

With which it tries to interact with xml elements of the application and access them

If the application is made of different framework say Java, Python like chrome
Then we need to install separate extension in UiPath like
Java extension
Chrome extension, so that UiPath will interact with those applications through this extension

Hope this helps you