UiPath Community 2021.10 Stable Release - Task Capture

UiPath Community 2021.10 Stable Release - Task Capture

This topic goes in-depth about the improvements in Task Capture. To read about other products, please navigate to the main topic here.

We are extremely excited to share with you a bunch of great enhancements and new features of UiPath Task Capture that we have been working on hard during the last 6 months :nerd_face:
Check out the list of all the updates, give it a try and share your feedback!

Efficiently combine different processes documentation into one project! :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:

  • have you ever noticed that the part of the process you have to document already exists and you just need to reuse it?
  • or maybe you want to review the documentation of the same task prepared by different stakeholders to bring up the best of each of them?

Now you can copy and paste diagram elements and actions from one Task Capture project into another! Just open the .ssp file (Task Capture project format) in one instance of the app and another .ssp file in the second one and compare, edit and combine the elements using the right-click context menu or common hotkeys - Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+X to cut and Ctrl+V to insert. Don’t forget to save the changes afterwards and generate the Process Definition Document in Word! :slight_smile:

Enjoy the Diagram Editor enhancements: :large_blue_diamond: :paintbrush:

  • Customize your process diagram with ease!
    In this version, we’re introducing a brand-new “Properties” tab at the right-side panel! Just in a few clicks you can change the fill, outline and text colour of specific elements and apply desired styles to all elements of the same type or entire diagram.
  • Need to provide more details about the elements of process map flow? Fill in the description field that will be automatically included in the exported Word file!
  • Check out updated UI of elements!
    We’ve made elements view even more consistent with the styles of BPMN elements by changing the shape of Events and Decisions!
  • Handy right-click context menu
    Want to copy, cut, duplicate or remove elements? Use right-click menu to easily manipulate the process diagram!

Diagram Editor Enhancements

Switch to the Dark Theme :dark_sunglasses:

  • deep dive into the dark world together with us in a galaxy far away by going to the Settings → General tab on the Home page and changing the Theme to the Dark one! :star:

Dark theme2

Import MS Visio Diagram :black_small_square::small_blue_diamond:

Do you already have a created process map using MS Visio and want to continue documenting the process in Task Capture? Easily open MS Visio files in Task Capture instead of creating the diagram from scratch!
Visit the official documentation page to find out more about the compatibility of the elements.

:warning: Please note that all Event elements of the process map (except for Start and End) are converted to Sequences automatically.

Import Visio

Leverage the updated recorder :camera: :mag:

We’ve changed the recorder component to improve the quality of selectors Task Capture generates for Studio output. It’s already set up as a default recorder, so just capture your process, export it to Studio in XAML format and check out results!

Detect and merge same-screen actions :mag: :woman_mage:

By default, the Task Capture recorder captures all actions you perform, such as mouse clicks, keyboard inputs, hotkey events, etc., and generates screenshots for each of them.

In some cases, you might need to capture a process within the same window (like filling in the form) or can experience lags, accidents, misclicks while working on documentation. This might result in capturing irrelevant or duplicated actions that affect documentation quality. ​

We’re excited to share that Task Capture can now automatically identify same-screen actions, lets users review them and

  • Merge automatically: in this case, all the drawings will be merged in 1 screenshot, and the action title and description—combined​
  • Merge manually: review, select and merge, edit, or remove​
  • Keep it as is if you prefer to.

This enables Task Capture users to create higher quality process documentation with less manual effort.

Note: We’ve also updated the UI of the actions panel and added right-click context menu enabling you easier access to key functions of actions such as editing, saving as images, etc.


Use your own template for Word export :newspaper:

Do you have a custom Process Definition Document (PDD) template created in Word that you’d like to use for process documentation?

You can now easily upload it to Task Capture through an improved intuitive interface. To ensure data captured is displayed in the exported document, don’t forget to include placeholders. Enjoy the output that looks exactly the way you prefer.

Note: We’ve also updated the UI of the “Template View” page and added right-click context menu enabling you easier access to key functions such as renaming, editing, saving and removing the template.

How to get it? :wrench:

Feel free to download the 64bit EXE installer here :inbox_tray:

Want to find out more? :woman_student:

Please visit the updated user documentation to learn more about the key updates.


I’m going to replace from 20.4.4 to 2021.10 :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Hi @Anna_Hotsa,

Sounds great :slight_smile:

Most awaited features are now out in the latest version!!

I do have 1 recommendation though on this:

Like an ability to import from MS Visio diagrams, it would be good if this ability can be extended to import from other applications as well. Like importing process diagram from yed graph editor or other sources as not everyone would have their process diagrams created in visio(due to its licensing) and might be using excel or other softwares for creating process diagrams.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

Thanks for sharing your feedback! I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the updates :slightly_smiling_face: Regarding the import capabilities - could please share any specific applications that you use and would like to import their files in Task Capture? Besides, I’m curious about the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standard - do you follow it while building your process maps? Is that something you’d get benefits from in Task Capture?


Hi @Anna_Hotsa ,

We are using a process documentation program called 2c8 (www.2c8.com) to document alla our business processes and when coming to automize some with RPA and UiPath it would be great to be able to import the already documented processes. 2c8 can create BPMN processes but I don’t know if they can export. In all cases we should aim for a standardised file format so that any application can export/import via this format instead of building application specific integrations.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Hi @percy.nattfalk,

Thanks for your response! Could you please share more details about the 2c8 tool? What is the file format that you can save the projects of it? Is it .bpmn or any other custom format of that application? For example, I’ve heard about BPMN.iO, which is a web-based tool for building BPMN diagrams; it supports saving the .bpmn files. I totally agree with you on having a standardized file format. That’s why we’re thinking about the support of .bpmn files so that you could easily open what you’ve created in other applications directly in Task Capture and continue documenting your tasks by capturing specific actions, etc.