UiPath Community 2021.10 Stable Release - Robot & Assistant

UiPath Community 2021.10 Stable Release - Assistant & Robot

This topic goes in-depth about the improvements to Assistant & Robot. To read about other products, please navigate to the main topic here.


Marketplace Widget

A new integration between UiPath Marketplace and Assistant allows every user to easily discover and consume ready-to-go automations from the UiPath Marketplace. Now, you can instantly benefit from high-quality, secure automations available right in your Assistant. Automation leaders can easily govern the whole program and get quick automation ROI with minimal development efforts.

The new widget will be available as a new tab in Assistant. With one click, Assistant will automatically download and install the ready-to-go automation into your personal workspace in Orchestrator and it will be available in your Assistant Processes list.

Processes available in Start Menu

All available processes from Assistant can be added as shortcuts inside the Start Menu. In the General Settings page, you can find a toggle for “Show in Windows Start Menu”. The default value is On and when the toggle is Off, the processes will be removed from the Start Menu.


Processes grouped by folders

With this new feature you will be able to change the way of showing the processes list in the Assistant home tab. In the General Settings page, you can find a toggle called “Group by folder”. By default, the folder hierarchy is Off and when the toggle is On, the processes list will be grouped by folders. In both cases, the sections will be collapsible.


Automation Store widget

With the new integration between Assistant and UiPath Automation Store now you can easily discover and install ready-to-go automations available in Automation Store. This new widget can be found on the UiPath Assistant homepage, in the Automation Store section.


Note: Please make sure that you are connected to a tenant that has Automation Store enabled and some automations deployed. In order to enable the Automation Store widget, you have to create a new Automation Ops policy for 21.10 and deploy it to the users.

:information_source: Automation Store is available only with an enterprise license or under an enterprise trial license

Submit ideas to Automation Hub

You can now submit your automation ideas to UiPath Automation Hub by using the “Submit an idea” tile from the launchpad of the Assistant or from the menu, in the home tab.

Note: Please make sure that you are connected to a tenant that has Automation Hub enabled and the Automation Store widget is enabled for your user.
:information_source: Automation Hub is available only with an enterprise license or under an enterprise trial license

Launch Task Capture

Starting with 21.10 you will be able to kick-start the recording process directly from Assistant, to capture the details of your automation idea using UiPath Task Capture. In order to do that, you will see in the launchpad of the Assistant a new tile – “Document a task”. Upon clicking on it, Task Capture will be opened in case it is already installed on your machine. If it’s not already installed, it will be downloaded and a guided installation will start; after the installation is finished, the Task Capture will be launched automatically.

Process icons displayed in Assistant

With this new feature, you will be able to see in Assistant the icons assigned to processes during publishing in Studio. Using intuitive process icons, it will be much easier for you to browse through your automations in Assistant.

Marketplace widget

Starting with 21.10 you can update the ready-to-go automations installed from Marketplace widget directly from Assistant. When an update is available, you will see a new tab in the Process Details and upon clicking on the update button, the new version will be installed on top of the existing ready-to-go automation.


Cross-platform support

Starting with this release, we enabled cross-platform support for our unattended robots. Follow this forum post to try it and tell us what you think!

Runtime governance

With this release we introduced a new way to govern what applications, URLs or emails your Robot can access. For example, you can block automations to access internal applications or URLs that contain personal information about your employees or other confidential data. You can also block or allow specific email addresses that you don’t want your Robots to send emails to. Below you have a walkthrough on how to enable runtime governance for blacklisting an URL.

The first step is to login into your orchestrator and navigate to Automation Ops. From here you click on “Add product policy”.

Give your policy a name, select “Robot” as a product to apply the policy on, and then click on “Save”.

After that, a new page will appear to set your policy’s properties. For now, we will blacklist “google.com” as a URL. To do this go to “Runtime Analyzer” and edit the rule “RT-UIA-001". From here edit the blacklisrUrls parameter to contain “google.com” by unchecking “Use default value”. After you finish adding the website you want to block, click on “Save” and again “Save” at the bottom of the page.


Now, we need to deploy our rule for a specific user. For this, from “Automation Ops”, go to “Deployment” tab and select “Users”. From here click on the “Deployment for user” button.

In the left-hand part of the screen, enter the user you want to deploy the rule to, and in the Robot product select the rule you defined earlier, and click “Save”. Now you should be set to test the new rule you have implemented.

In this example, I set up a rule to block the URL access on “google.com”. To test this, I have created a simple “Open web browser” automation that tries to access “google.com”. When I run this from Assistant, an error will occur, and the assistant will tell me that the rule setup in Automation Ops is blocking my URL access.


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Curious how does this work? Does it simply open an Automation Hub browser window, or does it present a desktop interface within Assistant that contains the 5 basic idea questions?

I presume this refers to Orchestrator folders and not some local, custom, user defined folders created in the assistant UI? Might want to clarify that line in the docs to make it less ambiguous.

Yes, Orchestrator folders. Thanks for feedback! :slight_smile:

It will open the Automation Hub in a browser window.