UiPath 2019.4 is now in Beta!

UiPath 2019.4 Beta has been updated!

To get access to the latest and the greatest you need to switch to the Beta channel:

(in case you are using Studio Community Edition and you do not see this option, see here)
Also, make sure you have activities beta feed active to be able to download beta versions of our activity packs :slight_smile:

Overview of changes

See the list below of what you can expect out of this 2019.4 update. We will come back to you with blogs about each theme / capability. Please give us your thoughts and leave your feedback here.


GIT Integration. Includes:

  • Git integration
  • Git Branches
  • Show History

Workflow diff. Includes:

  • Show Changes
  • Compare 2 project files
  • Compare 2 versions of the same file from Show History

SOAP and Swagger Libraries
Ability to add a Soap or Rest web service to a library

Edit Settings. Studio now allows you to edit:

  • Global Settings
  • Project Settings
  • Workflow properties (applies to Libraries only):
    • allows adding tooltips and documentation for each reusable component
  • Feed Settings accessible from Backstage Settings

Go! / Marketplace Studio Integration

Package Management Pack. Includes:

  • Libraries and activities per tenant
  • Project dependency mass upgrade tool
  • Full dependency tree
  • Studio Package Signing
  • Package license agreement
  • Keep your favourite activities always visible (pin favourites)

Studio Agility Pack

  • Variable and Arguments
    • Create an argument in line
    • Copy variables between workflows
    • Rename argument and all occurrences
    • Convert variables to arguments and vice versa
  • Debugging
    • Return to Breakpoint (Focus Execution Point)
    • Enable/Disable Breakpoints
  • Other usability improvements
    • Move UiPath Info Help to the Backstage sidebar
    • Restart Studio button that will recommend to restart Studio when needed
    • Right click in the project panel (white space) to bring contextual menu actions from top project node
    • Support for variables in Selectors

New Ui Detection Support

  • Native Citrix Support
  • Native RDP Support
  • JxBrowser and Edge browser support

Robot Tray

  • Dark theme
  • Hotkeys for starting your processes
  • Hotkeys for stopping / pausing your processes
  • Accessibility improvements

If you’re curious, you can also see these release notes for all UiPath 2019 Fast Track Preview versions released so far:

Click image below and let us know what you think :slight_smile:



Its unbelievable. Every month you are releasing new version with lot of new features. Thanks a lot UIPath team for your hard work :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@loginerror awesome

can you provide some documentation link for the new activities


It’s great to be able to return to the breakpoint. A lot of restarts will be spared :slight_smile:


Many features. Great.

Are we missing release notes here ?? Only for Stable versions?



This is awesome!!! Great work guys!!! :smiley:


Yes, that’s correct. Both full documentation as well as full official release notes will come together with the stable release :slight_smile:

It’s a sneak peak for now, where you can explore new things for yourself. We will also write some blogs to introduce the features soon enough, so no worries!


It alwayz gets better! :star_struck:


It is just awesome what are you’re managing To release every month.

Keep it that way :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Good news… Expecting quicker implementation of these functionalities in enterprise edition. At least major changes like file comparison, tool tip for libraries, Computer vision.

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Hi @saravana_689

In fact, according to our new release planning, 2019.4 will also be the Enterprise release :slight_smile:


Woo! Exciting stuff coming. Variables in selectors? Wonder how this will be implemented, but certainly a welcome upgrade. I’ve been concatenating strings with variables for a while, interested to see how this will change.

Keep up the awesome work! :clap:


UiPath never fails us. They keep on evolving to meet the demands and needs of the users as well as the customers. Keep it up!


Hi @loginerror Do you have some details about orchestrator new features?
Real time monitoring and Multi-tenancy database

Any info will satisfy my curious because I can’t see any change at https://beta.uipath.com/

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hi @c.ciprian - Return to breakpoint might not be actually what you expect. It’s actually a function to “Show Execution Point” when you’re somewhere else in the project files and forgot where the execution point was during debug. But fear not, Return to breakpoint as you understand it, is on the roadmap.


Its really great. I can see many options in Latest version .
So excited to test it…

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Overall, these are some awesome enhancements!
I hate to say it, but you are almost moving at too fast a pace!
Can’t keep up with all these new and cool features.

I do have one thought or suggestion with it comes to Variables and Arguments and that is to be able to Scope them at a Project Level. Maybe define them within the Project File and therefore they would be accessible across all XAML Workflows that are included within the Project? Just like segmenting code to make it more readable and easier to maintain, we break or segment Sequences and Workflows into separate XAML files, but we should not have to continually define and/or import Arguments, instead would be great to define them once and use across all - just like Public and Private scope in C# .NET.

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Just updated to the Beta version, You are amazing :ok_hand::raised_hands:

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I feel like i’ve got an Christmas gift in April :heart_eyes:

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For all of you SOAP enthusiasts, see below a working Library project with a custom SOAP service installed :slight_smile:

SOAPExample.zip (3.0 KB)

I tested it with this one.

See also this guide to fix the example :stuck_out_tongue: