UiPath 2019.4 is now in Beta!

This looks really cool. Certain features like:

  • Git Integration
  • Variable in Selectors
  • AI Vision
  • Camparison of two workflow files
  • SOAP and Swagger native libraries
  • Multi-tenancy database and Encryption per tenant

These features will surely count as benchmark. Well done Team.


I switched my UiPath Community Studio to beta instead of stable, but it is still 2018.4.1. Anyone know how to use this new version?

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It does change the version, change the update channel to beta wait for sometime and restart PC it must work



Real time monitoring will be added to beta soon. For multi-tenancy db you will have to request the installer to have the Orchestrator on-prem. @Ryan_Rush can help you with the form to register for Insider Preview.


Hi @Ahmad_Hijazi

See here for the guide on how to make sure your Beta feed gets properly activated :slight_smile:

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There is a small typo:
Lotus notes instead of

  • Louts Notes

Kind regards



good news… I hope alert box problem in google chrome is solved


How can I correct this error?

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Hi @JoeV

Could you let me know what steps you take before the error is thrown?

Also, could you say the version of your Studio, activity packages and which feeds do you have setup in Package Manager settings?

Question to anybody else who’s tested my example - was it working fine for you? :slight_smile:


The step that I only take is to execute the project that you uploaded and then that error comes out.

I am using the Beta version app-19.4.0-beta0032.

In the package con fi guration that is required to execute this project?

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I did some research and it turns out to be a bug of sorts. Unfortunately, I will need to redo my example after new beta version is released.

For a way to fix the example as is, see below:

  1. Open the project from Studio by pointing to the project.json file. This is what you will see:
  2. Click on Later
  3. Go to the Project pane and Remove the Calculator service:
    (you can click Later again at this point to the same message from Studio as before)
  4. Choose New Service from the Project pane (right click on Services):
  5. In the new window, put this URL, click on Load and then on Save:
    Do not change the Namespace field. It needs to stay as Calculator

There you go, it should be working now:

Side effect is that you’ve just learned how to add your own services from SOAP or Swagger definition files :slight_smile:

PS. Entire OrchestratorAPI has a swagger URL :wink:


I did a little research and it turns out to be a kind of mistake. Unfortunately, I’ll have to redo my example after the new beta release.

Cool!! Now if the example worked for me … Thank you very much !!!

But the new beta version was released already … or well that’s what I understood with the published …



Beta channel gives you access to all small increments we make before releasing the final, Stable version. If you check your version in Studio, it should say 2019.4.0-beta.32 :slight_smile: That number at the end increases from time to time when batches of bug fixes are pushed to the Beta channel :slight_smile:

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I understand … a consultation regarding community license. How many times can I activate the community license?

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There is no limit to the amount of activation for personal/small business use, as long as you are not activating it in the entire enterprise of thousands of computers. Then you will need a license :slight_smile:

In other words, Community Edition is free to use with no time/activation limitation :slight_smile:
(you do need to re-activate it every 12-weeks, but that’s all)


Perfect then. Thank you so much!!!


But will there be a problem if I install on two machines with the same license?

You can activate Studio with the same email address (or a different one) on multiple machines, as long as you don’t exceed the limit stated in the license. See this page for detailed explanation of the actual limit (which is far, far higher than 2 machines):

Below the comparison table:


Thank you!!! Now I understand better.

Absolutely can help with this! @Juan_Felipe_Carvajal - You can get registered for the Insider Preview Program at the following link: Insider Preview Program | UiPath

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!