#FeatureBlog - 19.4 - New settings in Studio

PreviewBlogs 2019.4 - New settings in Studio!

Please provide your valuable feedback about this feature! Our product team is hungry to build upon the basic functionalities so feed them your ideas :slight_smile:

New features are awesome! :slight_smile: This is why we wanted to get your thoughts on new Studio settings, which will be introduced in the latest version 2019.4. Managing settings between all your projects has never been simpler.

What’s new?

Global settings

When you first open your Studio and navigate to Settings, you will see a bunch of new tabs for you to explore:

  • General tab
    This one brings no surprises. Here, you are able to:

    • Change Studio language :globe_with_meridians: :
      Out of all these available options (more to come!):
    • Change Studio theme from Light to Dark :sun_with_face:/:new_moon: :
    • Reset your Studio settings to default
  • Design tab
    This one offers several options to enhance your design experience in Studio across all your projects.

    Options here are split between three categories:

    • Save and publish
      Customize project storage options.

      • Auto backup interval
        You can now automatically backup your project between 10 and almost 10000 seconds! :back: :arrow_up:
      • Publish project timeout
        Customize how patient you want to be while waiting for your project to be published from Studio. After the set amount of time, the publishing process will forcefully stop. You can set this value between one and 1 million seconds (if you’re that patient! :upside_down_face:)
    • Execution
      Customize the execution related parameters.

      • Output console size
        Customize how many lines of logs will be visible in the good ol’ Output pane when executing your projects from Studio. You can set it up to 9999 lines for maximum logging experience. :spiral_notepad:
      • Minimize on run
        You will no longer get annoyed at Studio behaviour. Customize your experience with this simple switch!
    • Default Locations
      Let Studio know what are the faviourite places on your hard drive! :floppy_disk:

      • Project Path
      • Publish Library URL
      • Publish Process URL
  • Manage Sources tab
    Here you can customize your packages feed options for all your projects across Studio.
    You can now add, activate or deactivate your feeds at once without the need to open a project to do so.

Project settings

We have also introduced a bunch of customization option for your already created project. Believe it or not, you now have three ways of accessing the new project settings:

  1. Click the gearbox icon in your Project pane:
  2. Right click on the Root element in your Project tree:
  3. Or on any white space in the Project pane:

Then, you will see this beautiful project settings window:


In here, you can change your Project’s Name and Description, as well as disable or enable the ability for users to Pause the project from Robot Tray Agent upon execution.
Sometimes it’s better to leave some processes run uninterrupted :ok_hand:

See the tool-tip of the Disable Pause option for maximum immersion:

Important note
Because this setting is not that relevant for Library projects, it was replaced by the ability to toggle including sources in the published package:

New Library project workflow settings

We have started introducing Library improvements to allow more customization for your custom libraries. As such, if you right click any workflow file in your Library project, like so:

and then choose Properties, you will see this window:

After you confirm your changes by clicking Save, your Published project’s activity will display a tooltip on hover:

It will also navigate to the specified URL when you press F1 while the activity is selected in the Design pane.

That’s it for this #PreviewBlog

For more information, you can also check our documentation of this feature available here (it is still being updated with newest features :slight_smile: )

Please provide your valuable feedback about this feature! Our product team is hungry to build upon the basic functionalities so feed them your ideas :slight_smile:

Feel free to check our other blog posts about new features here:

Don’t be shy, click on image below and tell us what you think!

As always, thank you for reading and happy automating!


This is nice @loginerror!

UiPath keeps on evolving. User-friendliness and customization.
It really helps with the feel and ease of using UiPath.



Thanks for your feedback Jan! Keep them coming :blush:


The included features are really great and awesome but the registration pop up keep asking me to activate whenever i click on a xaml file to open it. I already activated it. Not sure what is the issue. I need to restart my PC once and check.

Nice features at handy.

awesome feature … user friendly

Happy Automation


@Boopathi the activation pop-up should be displayed only after you install it. Please make sure to open Studio from %localappdata%\UiPath\UiStudio.exe.


I am sick and tired of activating uipath again and again. Everytime I open uistudio.exe or a main.xaml file it pops up activation icon everytime and I do it and try set the dark theme but uipath does not restart and remains in same page. If i close and reopen again the same steps I repeat.

hi @Boopathi, if you have to activate over and over again it means you open your project with the UiPathStudioSetup.exe (which is the installer)

Please try to open Studio from C:\Users\yourUser\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Studio.exe and let me know if it asks to activate again.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled - set up dark theme and closed the app. Now clicked on main.xaml to open the uipath again it asks to activate and the clicked on uipathstudio.setup.exe it asks to activate everytime i click it. Is there a bug in activating the application?

Hi all,
Uipath will always amaze me with new features and materials to help us grow and customize as per our requirements.

I have a question related to minimize on run settings: when we have that property and if we don’t minimize studio screen, won’t we get error for image automation activities.
Might find simple.

Pavan H


Hi @pavanh003

In this case, even if you have Minimize on run = No, if you have UI automation activities (ex. click) in your workflow it will bring the app your are trying to automate in front so you won’t have selector exception. Basically, Studio is not minimizing but it is put in background.


FINALLY! BUT … But… when you enable us to make mouseover tooltips for the parameters/arguments used by the custom activity? This is a feature used by UiPath, but not available to us developers (yet I hope).

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Hi @Mikkel_Nielsen

I can confirm that this will be implemented in one of the upcoming versions. However, given that priorities often shift, I cannot provide a specific release date. Stay tuned!

Great news, thank you!

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