UiPath 2019.4 is now in Beta!

I did some research and it turns out to be a bug of sorts. Unfortunately, I will need to redo my example after new beta version is released.

For a way to fix the example as is, see below:

  1. Open the project from Studio by pointing to the project.json file. This is what you will see:
  2. Click on Later
  3. Go to the Project pane and Remove the Calculator service:
    (you can click Later again at this point to the same message from Studio as before)
  4. Choose New Service from the Project pane (right click on Services):
  5. In the new window, put this URL, click on Load and then on Save:
    Do not change the Namespace field. It needs to stay as Calculator

There you go, it should be working now:

Side effect is that you’ve just learned how to add your own services from SOAP or Swagger definition files :slight_smile:

PS. Entire OrchestratorAPI has a swagger URL :wink: