Trouble adding Color Detector Package to Project Dependencies

Hi, I’m trying to install a new package but i’m not being successfully.

This is the package I want

I can’t find in the marketplace and I already tried putting it in different folders of my computer but it still doesn’t work

Anyone able to help??

is your project set to target framework windows or legacy?

If the project set to target framework windows, then kindly note that the package is not offered for this runtime:

Hi @ppr ,

Sorry but I didn’t get it. How do I know what my project is set for?
Do you mind explaining in a different way?

Taken from:

Then the package is not available

Mine looks like that, so I guess I’m not gonna be able to use that Package, right?

Is anything I can do to change it?

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If you’re using 22.10 then there should be a banner on the top of studio which should warn you that the next enterprise release will not support legacy projects, along with a link to use the converter tool to re-make your project in Windows

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