How can I detect a color?


I have some pictures that I need to get the background color. I tried to install the only package I found about it but didn’t work.

Is there any way to get the color? Any activity? Anything?

just share with us some more details like
which type of applications (web app, desktop app…)


I don’t have any real examples here now to get a screenshot but it would be something like these:


I would have an image like these downloaded in my computer and I would have to identify the background color if it’s white or not.

Cross reference:

with the assumption that the background color is dominated by a certain threshold

what about the following idea?

  • select a particular corner from image top left, top right … and / or bottom right
  • take 1 pixel, 2pixel… but not all just minimal set
  • check the color value for the pixels

If such an approach would work you, then we can check e.g. how to realize it with .Net Api options

that might work!!

but how can i do it? which activity can I use to select the corner?

So we can map this prototype, done within immediate panel

to 2 Assign Activities

new Bitmap(YourFilePath)
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