Image Comparison package still doesn’t support Windows compatibility (.net6) yet

Package Name- UiPathTeam.ImageComparison.Activities
Image Comparison package still doesn’t support Windows compatibility (.net6) yet. Please fix this issue. I have been using Windows Legacy till now because of this issue. Could anyone suggest substitute or this package.
I’m not sure how much time it will take to fix this issue.

Even if not converting to windows. When I’m shifting my code to another system. Getting this error. Can anyone help me.

Add it here, there is are lots of ones that need migrating.
Try finding the author of yours and also contacting them directly.

This is not an official UiPath Library. Official Libraries starts with UiPath.xxxx.xxxx. This is a custom library build and published by someone else. This may or may not get updated. Better look for other alternatives.

Do you know any substitute for this activity?

Thanks for replying. I’m unable to find the author of this package.

Thats not quite correct.
These are ones made by UiPath but not officially supported as part of their core services but are made by UiPath Staff and made available via the marketplace and supported via the ‘Community Support’ model. So they are ‘official’ as they are legitimately from UiPath, they just have a different support model.

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Based on the Q&A comments this person made it

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Thanks for the reply.