Can't install packages with Windows compatibility

Hello everyone,

I would like to install some packages for my UiPath Studio processes.
With Windows compatibility I am not able to install several packages like UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities

I know for a new process I can downgrade to the Windows Legacy compatibility.


But when I try to do that at the bottom of my project.json file my whole development crashes with an error code.


All I want to do is install some packages with the Windows compatibility - also because UiPath Studio tells me that the Windows Legacy version is not much longer available in the future.

Can someone plese tell me how to successfully install packages for existing Windows compatibility projects (without Windows Legacy) and / or maybe how to downgrade Windows compatibility to Windows Legacy compatibily?

Kind regards and a nice weekend to you all.

Hello BotWolf,

This particular package is not compatible with Windows projects as of today.

If you wish to develop SAP integrations in a Windows project, please consider alternative SAP packages (not knowing your particular use case, it is difficult to call out exact ones, but please have a look at the list of official activity packages or consider Integration Service)

That being said, while it will no longer be possible to create new Windows-Legacy project in a future version of Studio, we plan on still allowing the maintenance of existing projects. Also, Robots will continue maintaining backward compatibility for existing packages. Therefore, please consider the possibility that this particular existing project may no need to be migrated to Windows for the time being (maintenance will still be possible)

Hi Quentin,

the problem also refers to several other packages like

Color Detector

And it refers to many other packages.

Does your answer mean that there will not be any good solution for this problem and the creator of the package needs to handle it himself?

@LevKushnir is it planned to have the package available for windows format projects? Whats you’re advice we should do for new projects that need to call SAP BAPIs?

Hi @schwarzp

Please excuse late feedback.

The SAP BAPI Activities are based on SAP NCo library. This library is not .NET Core ready. So we cannot use it for Modern Projects (.NET Core). We simply cannot upgrade our Activity Pack.

We raised this issue with SAP. At the same time we raised a FR, along with other prominent companies. Please do not expect a solution before 23.10. Next update will be 2023 Q3.

The deprecation of SAP Legacy projects has been postponed and they will work beyond 2023.4. There is no end of life for legacy yet!

Please use legacy projects if you need to integrate with SAP systems by using the SAP BAPI Activity Pack.

Best regards, Lev

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Thanks @LevKushnir! Good to hear :slight_smile:

Good news. SAP has accepted the feature request.

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Did SAP mention any planned availabilit date?
Any other update with regards to this topic?

Thank you for your answer!

Regards Bernd

HI @Bernd.Baumgartner

You can check it anytime here FeatureRequest

SAP is not providing any estimates on delivery date.

Best regards, Lev