UiPath Forum feedback round! 💬

UiPath Forum feedback round! :speech_balloon:

It is not a secret that we care about your feedback. It not only allows us to build better products, but also gives a chance to every single community member to participate in this journey.

As such, let’s have a round of UiPath Forum feedback where you can suggest anything you’d like to see on our Forum in the future.

Do you have an idea for a cool new feature that would improve the experience of our users?

Would you like to run a community-driven event on our Forum?

Is there something about our Forum that you really don’t like?

Let your creativity go wild - we want to hear it all :slight_smile:

image below with your idea and like each other ideas so that we see which ones are the most wanted by the community :heart:


Hi Maciej,
There are many requests without solution in the forum. Not because no solution was provided but because the author of the request forgot to mark it.
Therefore I would recommend a “Mark a solution” reminder.
It should remind the author of a request to mark response that helped resolve the problem.



Hi @loginerror,

We have discussed this with each other before.

In the past two weeks alone, I have come across two posts from members posting sensitive customer information in their question. One specifically doxed an individual with their Social Security Number, address and their tax return statement!

I think members should probably get a popup which they need to read or a video which shows the author things to take care of (data security perspective) before posting an question in the UiPath forum. Especially when some attachment is being attached.

Simply put, if you dont own the document do not publish it to a public forum. I wonder how many other senstive documents are latent in this forum.

Suggestions :

  • If discourse allows a parser for the file this may help
  • A discourse modal popup with an information / data security popup

Hey @loginerror

Wish that events happen by forum chat :slight_smile:

We have video events, audio events but why not events through forum threads.

It will be good to discuss and all the thoughts will also be logged here. I feel that will be good to have.


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After completing training on uipath from an institute,I thought of trying to start a job as an rpa developer.I thought this mentorship programme can help.But i shared my resume to my mentor.He told me he would share and help me.Nothing happened after that. I tried a lot myself and got passed one or two tests by some companies.They rejected me finally since i am a fresher in rpa field.What I learnt is If you don’t have your source in industry then there is no opportunity for fresher in UIPath RPA. Sad to say I am thinking to stop following uipath and rpa even though i had a keen interest in this tech.



Extreme apologies from the community for your bad experience.

But don’t worry. We are here to help you in the best way.

I have already pinged you on the mentoring platform, Kindly acknowledge. We can start planning things for you to grow in the RPA space.

If you still haven’t received the message, please drop me your PushFar username.

Looking forward to connecting and help you in all possible ways.



I think there are a lot of questions on the forum and some of them haven’t been addressed.
On the other hand, even if the questioner is provided with a solution, I think that there are some cases where the mark is inserted and the process is terminated as it is.

When the contents of the solution can be agreed with each other, it would be nice if the rule of “check the solution mark” is easy to understand.
Are there any items that are easy for beginners to fill out?


The forum is very useful and the community great but I experienced at the beginning that difficult/complex and/or infrastructure questions remained frequently unsolved.

The feature I most miss is the one similar to the MS software. A transparent way to see which features you are working on or a page where users can add and vote on future features.

Further, a nice idea would be a hackathon with the user’s here to improve the UiPath products.

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  1. More community driven events, from the community for the community, this will be a fun way to learn about new features of UiPath. This will boost the idea of understanding the actual product as a whole and not just for the implementation point of view.

  2. Keeping it clean : User forget to close the thread by marking a suitable response as Solution. May be a compulsion on closing the overdue pending posts before positing new one or an alert while user login in or visits the forum.

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IMO the most important thing is to find a way how others could mark a post as a solution if the OP doesn’t do it.

Maybe a button where you can request for a post to be marked as a solution and if the OP doesn’t decline for 2 weeks it get’s automatically marked.

Take a look at this: Copy Row from one DataTable to another - #12 by Florent_Salendres

One of the top threads ever in this forum based on views and replies, the correct answer has 40 likes and yet it’s not marked as a solution.
Go through the top posts of all time and you’ll find plenty of examples like this.



I think we need an option to create solution approaches for each post. Most of the time we will be having different solution approaches for single problem (Simple Example: word extraction problem can have Regex, Split, SubString etc methods) and we all continue to solve problem in single thread.

So according to me, it makes easier to track & read solutions if we have option to create solution approaches

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Hi @loginerror

It would be good to add “UiPath version # used” in the category while creating the post. Lot of times, I have seen people coming back and said they are using 2019.X.X or 2020.X.X and they don’t have this option available. So we have to go back and tweak the solution again based on the version.



Just want to add that not only UiPath Version Used but Even Studio Type : Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, Pro Edition, because Some features exists in one Type and not in others even when having latest version, Example : Mobile Automation is not available in Enterprise Edition. Thanks


My question are not resolved well - I can read a lot and learn from other users mistakes but when I post something I won’t get a solution or help fast enough. I wish more professionals could coordinate cases in the community better for solution. For those who are new with UiPath.


You always have the UiPath support if you need help fast (if you’re an enterprise customer).
If you’re not an enterprise customer you cannot expect quick help, this is a community forum after all.

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Browser favicon: still in blue
It’s pretty common i have over 30+ tabs open in several browser windows and the favicon is the first thing i look at if i nagivate between tabs.

The UiPath logo has changed to orange, but the forum (and docs) favicon is still in blue. Might change that to Orange too?
Or use different colors regarding the product?

Forumposts: date(year) missing.
I sometimes scroll through older posts. I can see the month-day of a post or response, but not the year. This just really
annoys me, because sometimes the post can simply be to old. If the post is from 2016 and related to studio, i most of the time ignore it, due to the many changes
in UiPath studio since then.

Forumposts: members only tag
On other forums there are ways to hide your post-content for the search engines. It won’t hide the text from the forum itself, but only forummembers can see it.
They can be used like [members] [/members] tags
Some things you can share on a public forum, but is not needed for search-engines to gather that information.

Rating UiPath:
example post:

Why do you only payout in Visa Gift Cards?. I don’t have a CC and don’t need it and i think more users don’t. Why not add extra payout options like paypal?

Report function: notifying forum moderator
I have never used the “flag / report” function, so maybe that’s where it’s already for.
Some users indeed are posting sensitive information which should NOT be present on a public forum. The only thing we as users can do is warn/tell them to remove it ASAP. It would be nice to “report” it to a forum moderator so he/she can remove the image or text which contains the sensitive information and inform the user about it. The quicker the better.

Moderator board
Im not a moderator but is there a board to discuss things between moderators?

Bookmark button location: At top of the page
I sometimes have posts i want to read later, but when i want to bookmark it i have to scroll all the way down. It would be nice to have the “bookmark” button also at the top of the post.

A bit offtopic:
UiPath Orchestrator / Testing
BIt offtopic, not really a forum feature request.
I used to play a with the Insider program to test out new software or test upgrades or coming releases. The only thing i don’t like is that the software can only be tested within 60 days.
I sometimes don’t have time to test it within this period. It would be nice to let community testers extend the trial period of orchestrator. Limitations are ok.
For example. I also manage several streaming servers and we have developer licenses for testing and development. They are free. We can use that for a period of 180 days with limitations of course. After that we can extend the trial without having to reinstall the software.

RPA Testing tools
To play with UiPath it can be usefull to use testing tools for that. Maybe a separate page or post where users can get information / downloadlinks for that? For example:

  • http://www.rpachallenge.com/
  • https://uibank.uipath.com/ (i know there was an exe file before, but i can’t find that one anymore
  • UiDemo (most of the time you can download it from an Uipath Course).
  • ExpenseIT.
  • Fake ID, QRCode, bankaccount generators
  • Fakename generators (can also be usefull to let users train with RPA to create profiles).

This response is a bit offtopic:
Learning is one thing. Try to make RPA projects on your own. Share them on YT, Github or other platform. You can use that also as a reference for future employers. Keep practicing and learning.
As a freshman it is always hard to get into a job. This doesn’t only count for RPA. I can study for network engineer, but i still would have to prove myself. How can i show/do that?

  • Build my own homelab with router, VLAN’s, switch configurations. Practice your theory.
  • Build your own RPA projects (ask friends, family) to see what you might can do for them. Maybe you can build an Attended bot for them? UiPath is free to use, so that shouldn’t stop you from creating projects. I have several projects running for family members.
    Don’t let others stop you from reaching your goal. As with RPA, there are several ways to reach your goal!.
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Hi @loginerror

People are posting questions in their own languages like korean, japanese,…

It would be better if we are able to add feature “see translation” which translates to English and vice versa,and this cool feature is already available in Instagram.

Sai Krishna



Why do we keep “New Topic” button only on dashboard. If I am referring some topics which has been posted by someone. but I am not getting the answer. Then for raising question i have to navigate to dashboard and need to click new topic option. Why can’t you keep in other pages.