NuGet Package Incompatibilities on Project Creation


I have just installed UiPath Studio for the very first time and started a Blank Process with the settings of “Windows - Legacy, C#”.

Right after creating the Process, my Output displays many red lines saying various NuGet packages are incompatible.

I am using the latest version of UiPath Studio: v2021.10.5

Does anyone know a workaround for this, please? I want to start learning RPA!

Hi @kenneyp , Welcome to our UiPath Forum, Congratulations to successfully installing the studio and trying to create a process. We are here to help you resolving your issue,

Can you please check if the .Net framework is compatible with this version of UiPath, Please refer to below link for the Hardware and Software requirements

While looking at the screenshot, there are some issues we will have to resolve on the dependencies and click Manage Package and resolve the issues one by one.

Please Let us know with your updates

Best Wishes

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