SFTP in UiPath


I am trying to upload a file through SFTP. I didnt see any issue in manually copying the file though but while using FTP upload in UiPath, it executes successfully but doesnt upload file into the remote location…

Please check your last step click activity and make sure you enable SendWindowMessage check box and run again.
Hope my inputs are useful.

There is no click activity involved here. Its just FTP upload.

Could you please upload your WF. if possible…


see this post

I need SFTP Activity as well, my customer not allow to use FTP because of Standard Policy.

Please help me.


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@irahmat, I am new in the community. Probably it’s already fixed. If not, follow some details below

Can we close this topic?

~Diego Turati

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I’m not able to find this activity, UiPath.FTP.Activities.OpenFTPSession

Hi, did you managed to configure the SFTP and download data ? I’ still getting stuck at open FTP as it request me password.

Hi any updates on this?

have you got any updates on this?

You got any solution ?