SFTP connector?

Is there a SFTP connector available for UiPath? Any documentation available somewhere?

I know that the FTP and FTPS are possible but I would need the SFTP instead of them.


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SFTP will be supported in a future.


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Great! What is your best guess about the schedule?

It will be released next month.


Where and how can I get this SFTP module for UiPath?

Hi Team,
Do we have the SFTP module yet?

SCP is another nice one for SSH-based transferring of files. no need to for FTP commands to request download/upload

@ovi @Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae

Hi @srinucslt and all

The current package you can download UiPath.FTP. Activities already handles those. In other words, it’s already been released a long time ago :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t, it means it’s bugged. The entire code is available on our GitHub though, so feel free to register your issues there:


Will this activity work for SFTP then?

It should. The latest version has a bunch of options for that:

Went to install this package - I cannot locate it. Is it still in the package library?

It should be available in the Marketplace feed :slight_smile: