Missing Open FTP Session Activity in Uipath

Hi I have installed “UiPath.FTP.Activities” package having latest version - 1.0.7053.27728. But still I am unable to find “Open FTP Session” activity to check connection configuration.


Kindly help for the same.

Thank you.

hello @vitthal7620

"With Ftp Session" activity will work same as “Open FTP Session” activity

it is just an update.


Thank you Ajju, Can you please show me example to upload any excel file on FTP server using “With FTP Session” . It will be great help…!! :slightly_smiling_face:

hello @vitthal7620

below is my configuration

then for upload file
– i am checking folder exists in the server or not
– if exists upload the file



I am able to connect Host manually in FileZilla but When i try to use “With FTP Session” activity I am getting run-time error - "No Such Host is Known"


You have to set the ftps mode as well and also port number required.

Can you please tell me, how to establish this connection without the password, like only with the keys??

Hi All,

could any one please tell how to transfer file over SFTP without password . what i have is key in place of password. Any one got the solution for this ?