Error in uploading files from local system to server using SFTP

Hello All,

I am trying to upload file from my local system to server, I have used SFTP protocol.

I am facing the issue Upload files: One or more errors occurred…

Please find the reference error screenshot.

Any Help!!!

If possible can I have a view in the property panel of that activity with a screen shot

Cheers @yogavalli


Here is my property panel.

Ignore before screenshot

Arr we using this activity
Kindly check that once

Cheers @yogavalli

please check this topic. It depends on which FTP package you are using. The official is not working properly. The one from GO! is working. Although the packages look identical. Give this one a try:

Hello @jvanmarion,

I have rechecked more than 2 times, both versions are same.
Again i facing the issue Upload files: One or more errors occurred.

about the activity: The packages look identical. But they are not the same. The GO! has a newer version number and is last updated somewhere in 2019. The official is from 2014.
So no, they are not the same.

Filename incorrect
Check your filename in the local path:. I can reproduce the exact error when i use a file that does not exists.
Local path: “C:\tempfile.jpg” - OK
Local path: “C:\tempfileeee.jpg” - Error: Upload files: one or more errors occured.

So start from there.

Other things to try:
Set option in Security option: Accept all certificates [v]
If you connect the first time with sFTP you sometimes have to accept the connection first. if not set, it can give an error.

Does it work to upload the same using an sFTP client? So to make sure the connection is not the problem.

Thanks a lot @jvanmarion. :grinning:

Its working great. Good clarification answer.

You’re welcome and have fun on future projects.
Debugging errors like this are sometimes hard to find what the problem could be, It would be best if the error would be that the file doesn’t exists. The error is to general to actually know what would be the problem.

Uipath should also remove the FTP package from the official repositories, because the package simply isn’t working properly.

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