How to use FTP/SFTP activities?

Can anyone help me here to use FTP activities. I want to upload files to FTP location.

  • I managed to open ftp session
    tried upload file activity, it’s not throwing any error but not uploading any files either.

I have the same problem. Have checked the Uipath FTP login credentials in my usual FTP client and they seem correct. I get no error from UiPath but the file is not uploading. @NishantR did you get the FTP to work and, if so, how did you resolve it?

Hi @jibanjyoti, can you help with this please. I cannot get the FTP functionality to work. I seem to be connecting ok but when I try to upload/ download, I receive the error “Timed out trying to read data from the socket stream!”

Hey guys I have the same problem. Could you help me, please ? :pray:

Does anyone got the fix, I am facing same issue. I cannot download/upload the files using FTP activity though I am able to use “FIle Exists” & “Directory Exists” and other similar activities. I believe we must give Passive mode of ftp(but not sure where to issue the command)

Hi Jaison,

i am able to retrieve the ftp files using UiPath.

in remote path option : provide only the file name. For ex. (“book1.xls”).

If your files are inside of any folder under your default directory path then you have to give only “sub-directory folder name along with file name”

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