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I submit assignment 2 on saturday still it shows waiting for evaluation


Yea I too facing this issue

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In Level 3 Assignment 2 There is no data to Download how to solve this

Level 3 assignment should be more challenging. It should have additional challenges related to Image Automation, OCR/PDF automation, Real time scenarios challenge

With regards to current challenge - it would be great if selector can change for every user taking those web automation challenges

in every event questions should randomly change to increase the complexity of level3 just like we see in certification questions

With regards to evaluation - after completion, In Results section- even if we fail or pass it, The scorecard should tell areas of improvement and areas which user is good at.

Do you have better written and more explicit instructions for “Calculate_Client_HASH_Walkthrough.pdf”? I find these instructions vague and hard to follow, which takes away from the learning experience and is very frustrating.


I submitted a fully tested security hash code application which I have run end-to-end a dozen times but it was sent back with zero points. I assume the robot couldn’t run it and defaulted to a zero mark. I have now submitted a screen recording of the robot working through the assignment…not very exciting viewing! I will wait to see what happens.

Its not at all clear how you get through the first assignment if the reply to your submission is you failed, but there is no detail on what has failed. I have the process working fine for me and have run it many times. I have resubmitted as a screen record session, but absolutely no acknowledgement of receipt nor of any progress on reviewing it. Is there somebody out there who knows what is going on?

To help with validating my output, here is an example of my robot’s output:

It submits “RI52540-Camilla Escarcega-Romania” and gets back “5a0707b26f6c23ee1c208fe93227165739914ef5”

The instructions are: “…security hash - Pay close attention on the formula ([ClientID]-[ClientName]-[ClientCountry] - Example: AD38755-Austin Villacorta-Italy) with no spaces between the dashes and without the brackets.”

This appears to be what I have?!

I submitted my assignment 1 5 hr back. Still waiting for it to be approved so that I can move to the next one. How much time does it take ?

Has anyone encounter this error before when accessing to ACME site?

I read through the forum and follow the ways advise by the forumers - reset dat ain ACME website, delete the Queue and recreate it, rerun the dispatcher workflow and then follow by the performer workflow. Yet, still unable to solve it.

Anyone can advise me how to get rid of it?

Thank you.

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It´s a little complicated to understand how this framework works, but after several tries, it looks that i made it. I request more and actual documentation to help people to understand it, the instructions and walkthroughs are not up to date, even more, does not apply to the newer versions of the app. Regards


from document: Calculate Client Security Hash - Walkthrough Hints.pdf

“Remove the three SetTransactionStatus activities from the SetTransactionStatus workflow as we are not using the transaction functionality provided by Orchestrator.”

This is how the Transaction_Number is incremented and there is nowhere else in the document where you have use increment transaction number. I just commented anything using the QueueItem type and left the rest and it seems to be functional

Update Work Items is not working for me. It was working and I successfully completed Calculate Client Security Hash assignment. Yesterday it stopped working while I was trying to complete Assignment 2. I can go in to Update Work Item Details and it says it saves my changes, but it doesn’t. This is keeping me from finishing and submitting for Assignment 2.

The use-case for ReFramework Deep Dive Course - Assignment 2 (Generate Yearly Report) says download data for 2017 & entire process documentation is written w.r.t. it, but the ACME application has only ‘2019 & 2020’ as available years to download the reports. Please guide what should be done in this case, and will our solution be evaluated incorrectly, as I suppose solutions are being evaluated by robots.

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I uploaded assignment : Calculate Client Security Hash several times and got 0 point. I think grading robot can not load my assignment well because of account relationship issue below. Can you please help to solve to make recognize by assignment robot.

Because I changed email address of UiPath Academy account before starting this assignment, I made account for Orchestrator and ACME by new email address to be matched.

After I got 0 point, I created new account for both Orchestrator and ACME site by old email address and executed the assignment, then upload assignment again. But still 0 point.

For this inquiry I made an account in UiForum. Only old email address was available to make this account. I tried to change email address of username to be original (old email address) of UiPath Academy, It is not available anymore.

How I can solve this problem and get grade? Please advice.


I just finished the Calculate Client Security Hash assignment and got 100/100 on it, but the progress bar still says “In Progress” and I’m not able to go to the Complete Exercise Walkthrough task in order to finish this part of the tutorial. Any suggestions? Do I just need to wait longer for the grade to go through the system or something?


Acme System 1 is either having issues or I am missing something. I should have posted the following in this thread:

It’s fixed. Thank you!

Hi Alin!

I’m having issues with submitting my yearly reports for Assignment 2:

When I try to upload my xlsx report, i get an error:

This is stopping me from completing my assignment, please advise on how to resolve :smiley: