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Please be advised that the acme website speed is pretty slow in my country (China), which affects the ReFramework practice developing, please check and solve this problem. Thank you.

Website address:

In the Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive lesson, practice 1, you can download an excel file Transactions.xlsx.

You’re supposed to raise a Business Exception when what you read is not a number.
However there are no rows that is not made of numbers, which means when I complete the workflow and run it, it will never trigger the business exception.
Unless what you mean here by numbers are integers opposed to double, but then Column CashIn and OnUsCheck are almost entirely made of floats, which would mean rejecting almost every row.

Is the file correct?

I completed Assignment 1 ( Calculate Client Security Hash) got a passing grade, but I can’t continue to the next assignment, it seems to be waiting for something. What do i need to do?



I’m having the same issue as RACO, completed the Calculate Client Security Hash and got stuck somehow.