Acme System 1 Issues: ClientID Missing from WI5 Details + Inconsistency Between WIID and URL

I think Acme System 1 has grown a few bugs.

The data on the Work Item Details page for WI5 (Calculate Client Security Hash) is completely different than what is described in the PDD and Walkthrough:

  1. Client ID field is empty (critical)
  2. Panel Heading reads “Generate Yearly Report for Vendor” (it should say “Calculate Client Security Hash”)
  3. Subheading reads “Vendor Information” (it should say “Client Information Details”)
  4. Instead of “Client Country”, there are now “Address” and “City” fields (I can parse country from it but it seems buggy)
  5. The URL for the Work Item Details page is supposed to be: System1_URL+"/work-items/"+WIID but, the number in the URL does not match the Work Item ID or even the client ID for that matter (I had to download the Acme System 3 desktop app and reference the client list to find the client IDs).

Are these really errors or is UIPath Academy just throwing us a curveball?


Funny you mention that, because I am running into the same issue. the WID should match the URL, but they added work_item_details and the WID is a randomly generated number.

I’m hoping it was just a weekend glitch and they’ll get a fix in shortly.

well, the problem ends up being that the item_details is an added path…and its a random generated number instead of the wiid.

Yes. That is what I am seeing to but, I don’t think it should be that way. At least, all the training documentation indicates otherwise.

Does anyone know of an Academy Support account that we can message?

Woohoo! We’re back in business. A Thousand Thank You’s to whomever fixed #AcmeSystem1

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