40/5000 evaluation of the wrong assignment 1

I tried to upload my workflow on uipath academy … but the evaluation I have been given is 0/100 notwithstanding the whole process works.
you can give me a hand, I would be very grateful
(Assignment 1 - Calcolate Client Security HASH - YouTube my youtube video link)

@momi_fede check in acme-test whether status is updated as completed or not. And one more thing why it is re-logging again after data scrapping.

Hi @momi_fede,

check the acme-test
Home->Work Item
‘Calculate Client Security Hash’ → Status is completed

once you submit the assignment before validate you should not reset the data.

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

Hello @arivu96, thank you for answering the my topic,
but if you are referring to this … I have already sent the file in this state but the evaluation is still 0/100

Reset the test data then run your program. Then submit the assignment. Because I notice one of the ClientID-Client Name-ClientCountry formula was wrong which is generating wrong Hash Code

@PrankurJoshi thanks … the problem was that. thanks for the help