Robot streaming is not getting connected in unattended session

The robot streaming connection fails during unattended sessions, even though it works when I log in to the same server with the same credentials. However, during an Orchestrator run, it only displays a blank white page. Can someone please assist me in resolving this issue?


Have you insatll the studio as an service mode?

Check out this thread

yes i have and the code published is running smoothly

Can you share the error message for the Orchestrator? @JOBIN_JOSE

it is nothing related with orchestrator i guess , i am using this app to stream my server , and currently it is not working , it is working when i login to the server ie the stream will work at the time when i login using the same credentials


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There could be many reasons


Network connectivity issues:

Make sure that the robot machine has a stable network connection to the Orchestrator server.

Firewall settings:

Make sure that the firewall on the robot machine is not blocking the robot streaming connection.

Resolution issues:

Make sure that the resolution on the robot machine is set to match the resolution on the Orchestrator server.


  1. Check the firewall settings on the robot machine to make sure that the robot streaming connection is not blocked.

  2. Restart the system or the robot service on the robot machine.

Check this troubleshooting steps

Let us know for any further clarification


is it mandatory to install TightVNC ? @Palaniyappan

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It is not mandatory to install TightVNC for robot streaming. However, it is recommended, as it can provide a better streaming experience.

If you do not want to install TightVNC, you can use the built-in robot streaming feature in UiPath Orchestrator. However, the built-in robot streaming feature may not provide the same level of performance and reliability as TightVNC.

If you are having problems with robot streaming, I recommend trying to use TightVNC. If you are still having problems, you can contact UiPath support for assistance.

Hope this clarifies


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Let us know for any further clarification
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