Preview data is empty in data scraping

Hi all,

I am extracting the table data from webpage using data scraping. All column headers shown perfectly in preview data but row data is empty.

I have tried Get full text option but unable to split data into datatable.

Anyone help me on this please.


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Restart your machine and give a try again with a new project in UiPath studio
And pls ensure that the data scrapping is done based on this doc

And if it is done as per the above doc then let’s validate the output once again using a writeline activity like this


It should be more than 0

Cheers @Sailaja_Pasupuleti

Thanks.I have done as per above link. I am getting 1 row as output which is expected. When looping through data and in writeline activity written row(0).ToString returns empty value.

Moreover in data scraping preview data window all columns row data is empty.

Please suggest how to proceed further.

Then I feel like data scrapping is not don’t completely
Let’s Try with screen scrapping instead of data scrapping whose output will be of type string

In order to convert that string to a datatable use a GENERATE DATATABLE activity where pass the string as input and get the output as datatable

Cheers @Sailaja_Pasupuleti

Screen scraping is selecting one column name. Can you please share any sample xaml to scrape whole table using screen scrapping


May I know what version of UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities package are you using here ? If you are using older version then try to update it to latest version and then check it.

Updated to latest version 21.4.4 but still facing problem

Resolved the issue by using do while loop and get full text of column.


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