I cannot view my preview data

Hi, I am new here.

So I am trying to extract data from an excel sheet and to type into an application. For example, I have 2 rows Name and Size. Both of these roles can be found in the excel sheet and application. The idea was to read the Name row in the Excel sheet and if the Name matches with the Name in the application, it will take the Size, from excel sheet, and type it in the application.

When I tried data scrapping in the application to get all the Name in the Name header column, the preview data came out in a way I cannot read thus I am unsure if the data that is being scrapped is correct. So I used a write line to see if the data is being pulled correctly, but it is just blank.

@Bob_Lim output the datatable to view the data inside the table and check

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

I tried to output and i just get blank. The first 2 data is Name and Size from the excel sheet.