Screen scraping - not returning data that is not shown on the screen

Hi. I have a problem with screen scraping activity when data is not shown.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?


Did you try with all scraping methods like Native, Full Text and OCR ?

And also it’s looks like Structured data. Can you try with Data Scraping.

I’ve tried to use Data scraping, but I don’t know how to eliminate empty empty cells from the table I get (below):


Can you please share screenshot of samples output you are expecting here. So that I can check and help you.

It looks like it is scraping all the data you need. You might just need to do some manipulation to get it perfect. If you don’t need the first column, you could filter that out with a Filter data table activity and set the remove column property.

Hope that helps.

You can combine data scrapping with filter data table to remove the empty cells.
In the filter data table activity set the “Rows Filtering Mode” to Remove. The input data table is the output datable from data scrapping activity. You can provide a new data table for the output Data table in filter data table activity. Enter the column to filter in the column field. Set the operation to “Is Empty”. If that operator doesn’t work as expected, then try “=” then put “” in the value field.
Good luck.

I tried all your suggestions, but without result…
I have to extract data from this table


but without empty rows.
I’ve tried something like this

but with no success.

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic ,

In Column you putted “Column2” but in main data it is “Column3”. Try to put Column3 instead of Column2 in Columns of Filter data table activity


I’ve changed it, now I have just two columns : “Racuni” and “Column2”.
I don’t know what to change to get result without empty rows.
What do you suggest?
Maybe I’am doing something wrong, but I don’t know what is the right way :roll_eyes:

I would suggest to use a IF condition to validate whether it is empty or has some value in that cell before reading and processing it

Moreover you would have use a FOR EACH ROW activity and passed the dt to process on each row in each iteration one by one

Then inside the loop use a IF condition like this

NOT String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“Racun”).ToString.Trim) AND NOT String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“Column3”).ToString.Trim)

If true which means it has some value in it and then it goes to THEN block where we can use further activity to read and process that data

If false which means it has no value in that cell then it goes to ELSE block where we can leave it empty without any activity

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Olivera_Kalinic

Ok, it works now, but I have another problem - when I try to get data using data scraping activity it doesn’t get all data (just first 12 accounts that are visible). I thing the next arrow is not recognized.


Is there any other way to get all data?

Did that show us the complete data in PREVIEW screen once before Finnish data extraction


In preview data screen it shows all data, probably becouse I select first and last rows during the data scraping wizard. Later when I try to print accounts, it returns just first 12 of them (that are shown on the screen).

Usually we need to select first and second one
And if there are lot of pages with such data then even data scrapping wizard will ask whether to scrap all the data

Pls ensure that data scrapping is done as per this doc

Cheers @Olivera_Kalinic

It’s all done like suggested. When I select first and second rows, only 12 rows are selected, like shown below:

When I try to navigate to next page using down arrow, it is not possible becouse only I can select is background pane:


Fine then
I think it is not possible to get with extract datatable
We can try with FIND CHILDREN activity to fetch the records

Cheers @Olivera_Kalinic

What should I add to this


Now, I’m getting this result:

You got a sample xaml there
Please refer that link which we shared

I know, but I can’t open it :(.
I figured it out, but again the result is incomplete (12 rows instead of 32 - just the visible ones).