Data Scraping and insert into Excel Sheet

Hi All,
I’m trying to get the data from Data Scraping and insert the data into excel sheet, but the data I get are all empty, is anyone know about this? I’m not sure why but I did it before using the same method and it is works, but does not work for now. Please assist.

Hi @ack940129

Is the data is in same structured format when did u created the datatscrapping

If the format of data has not changed

Then put some delay option too

Go through the both ways and let me know if it works


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Yes the structure format is same, and I have put delay option but still same, the excel sheet is empty, I think I was getting empty data from data scrapping, but really not sure why…

Before adding to excel did u check whether the datatable contains rows by using message box with




Check if there are any duplicate variables with ExtractDataTable

Also check the scope of the variable

else can you share your workflow to check the issue

Hope this helps you


I’m getting result “0”, so I think that is empty data I got =(

I have attached the project file, appreciate you can take a look, but I think u cant access to the website as that is internal website. Sequence1.xaml (31.9 KB) project.json (1.3 KB)


Max number of Results you can keep 0 if you want all the results to scrap

As i don’t have access to the website, so it’s better to uncheck continueonError

If there is a problem in scrapping it will give you error, so you can proceed with doing data scrapping again

Hope this helps you


Hi Sir,
I’m getting this error.


There was issue with the previous datascrapping, suggest to redo the Data scrapping

Hope this helps you